‘Motive unknown’, ‘mental illness’, ‘hate crime’, ‘possible act of terrorism’, ‘radicalised Islamist’…

The numpties at the ABC are really struggling to report this story.


Let me help.

Homosexuality is an abhorrence in Islam.

Islamic texts command the killing of homosexuals, advising they be thrown off the tallest building and if survive, to be stoned to death.

In the 21st Century, adapt and improvise with an AK47 in a gay nightclub.

That’s Islam.

There is no ‘radical Islam’. The cult’s founder did not make separate rules for ‘radicals’ and other rules for ‘moderates’. These are terms invented by the ignorant media, trying to portray Islam as any other religion. It is not.

Islamic texts are to be followed by all Muslims. Those that do not are not ‘moderates’, but described in the Quran as ‘apostates’.

Apostates turn their back on the commands of Allah (god) as decreed by the ‘prophet’, Mohammed.

Apostates are to be retrained to adhere to the commands, or if not able to be, then killed, with all apostates (kafirs, or infidels – i.e. unbelievers, Christians and Jews).

This is all from Islamic teachings.

That does not mean all Muslims are terrorists. Most are ordinary, every day people, getting on with their lives, and do not deserve to be despised because of the circumstance in which they were born and raised. Most Muslims are technically ‘apostates’, also at risk of death from fellow Muslims, who strictly adhere to the cult’s teachings.

The greatest death machine in history has been Islam.

Not Christianity (don’t even try to bring up The Crusades which were a defensive response to the invading Islamic armies).

Not the West, not America, which have responded to Nazi, Japanese, Communist or Islamic expansion.

Whilst the ABC, The Guardian and the Left continue to pretend otherwise, by misreporting, indulging in denialism and spinning diversions, the killing of innocents in the name of a man made cult will continue.

The Left believes in the mindless embracing of every culture, from gay to Islam.

These two cultures cannot co-exist without the resulting death.

Norway has shown that, again. It’s not the first time a Muslim has opened fire in a gay nightclub and it won’t be the last.

The Islamist is doing what he has been raised to do, while our dopey, politicians sit back and do nothing, but mumble on about the non-existant threat of…’Climate Change’

Starting with the weak, insipid, Joe Biden, Macron, the leaders of Europe and our own Albanese.