Dear Ms Gillard,

I've just watched you on The 7:30 Report lecturing the interviewer, Leigh Sales, on the "…roit thing to do…" for our kids on education. 

As a parent, something you will never be, I'll decide what the 'right thing to do' for my children is. I don't need your nanny advice, thanks anyway.

My wife and I are providing excellent education for my children without your cash-splash interference with our money.

If you were genuinely concerned for our children, not just as a political tool, or for a self-serving legacy, you'd not leave my children with a burdensome debt you've imposed on them in a few short years – a $10-$20 billion deficit and a $350 billion debt, and growing at a worryingly out of control rate.

Ms Gillard, you are the last person I would want to advise me on what the 'roit thing to do' is for my children, a condescending phrase you repeated ad nauseam on tonight's program.

Thanks again for the condescending advice, but no thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Zanetti