So said George Costanza to Jerry Seinfeld.

Costanza is the hapless self-deluded bumbling idiot who always seemed to get himself into all manner of embarrassing situations but always found a way to justify his idiotic decisions with incredulous ‘Costanza-isms’.

Australia has its own George Costanza masquerading as Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, wrecking Australia’s economy.

Under the previous government we had falling unemployment, falling interest rates, a decade of stable cost of living and flat-lining inflation.

Under the current Labor government we have rising unemployment, rising interest rates, higher cost of living and high inflation.

Despite promising before the election power prices would fall under an Albanese Government, we have seen prices surge, with 25% – 30% rises coming.  

Only in a parallel universe of an Albanese government would this crippling power price rise be explained off as a good thing.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen, in his Orwellian double-speak, wants you to believe “It could have been worse if it wasn’t for us”.

Albanese blustered yesterday in parliament, the price rise is caused by “unreliable coal plants and high fossil fuel prices…”

“What we have seen in the price increases today have been driven by unreliable … coal plants, high fossil fuel prices,”


For decades Australia’s energy has been almost exclusively sourced from “unreliable coal plants”.

Coal has delivered both reliable and cheap power.

By contrast, a rapid transition to ‘renewable energy’, blowing up our reliable coal plants, is delivering the fastest, highest power price rises in Australia’s history.

And that’s with $billions in government subsidies and handouts to solar and wind projects and pumping tax payer cash into power bills.

We didn’t need government subsidies and cash splashes when we had “unreliable coal plants”.

Economics writer Terry McCrann has been belling the cat on ‘green energy ideology’ describing the madness as Australia’s National Suicide Note a slow, economic death – entirely self-inflicted.

The Australian Labor Party was once the champion of the worker and the poorest in our community.

These are Labor’s forgotten people while Albanese focuses his mind almost exclusively on his ‘Vanity Legacy Project’ a Voice to parliament (which will deliver no change to aboriginal communities but will deliver greater power and wealth to his elite activist mates).

Those middle income workers, who pay the highest taxes, were ignored in the recent Federal Budget.

Life is getting harder under this government. It isn’t easy under Albanese. 

Power prices will continue to rise.

Interest rates are tipped to rise again.

Unemployment is trending north.

And this hapless PM will offer only excuses, blame-gaming and finger-pointing.

No answers. No strategy. No plan. No ideas.

But plenty of diversions, distractions and alternative universe spin expecting you to believe that we will transition to net zero by 2030 – 7 years away – and this will change a climate that hasn’t changed over the past 100 years.  

Remember…It’s not a lie if Albanese believes it.

And he expects you to believe it, too.