Thomas Mayor (aka Thomas Mayo)

Is he another fake aboriginal in the mould of Bruce Pascoe?

For starters Mayo has changed his surname from ‘Mayor’ to ‘Mayo’ perhaps to sound more ‘aboriginal’. (Mayo…Mabo….).

On his personal website he claims to be a Kaurareg Aboriginal and Kalkalgal, Erubamle Torres Strait Islander man.

However, his heritage shows zero aboriginality.

The Independent Education website describes Mayor differently and more accurately:

“His father, Celestino Mayor, is….of Philippine and Dayak (Borneo) ancestry and his mother, Liz Mayor, brings Polish, Jewish and English ancestry to the family.”

Nothing about aboriginal heritage. And Mayo…er…Mayor would certainly bang on about it if it were so, wouldn’t he?

Is he another opportunistic racial appropriator using genuine aborigines to push his Communist agenda?.

Mayo…or Mayor……whatever….is, according to The Australian:

“…a militant unionist and outspoken figure on the government’s First Nations referendum working group (amd) has raised the prospect of a voice to parliament being the first step towards “reparations and compensation” for Indigenous Australians.

Videos unearthed by No campaign strategists feature Mr Mayo appearing in online forums run by the Search Foundation – established in 1990 as a “successor ­organisation of the Communist Party of Australia” to preserve the socialist movement.

Mayo, one of the strongest backers of a voice body, in 2021 told the Search Foundation that the power of the voice was its ability to “punish politicians that ignore our advice” on legislation and funding.

At an Invasion Day rally the same year, the author and former wharfie said “we need the constitutional right to have a united voice … we need the power of the Constitution behind us so we can organise like we’ve never organised before”.

“We are sick of governments telling us no, we are sick of governments not listening to our voice. We are going to use the rule book of the nation to force them,” he said.

In another video, Mr Mayo said the voice was a “vital step” in delivering outcomes detailed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

“‘Pay the Rent’ for example, how do we do that in a way that is transparent and that actually sees reparations and compensation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people beyond what we say and do at a rally?” he said.”

Former Queensland Senator, Amanda Stoker says Mayo, was recorded saying he expected the Voice to “get its hands” on superannuation policy while talking to independent MP Zoe Daniel.

“The bloke who designed the Voice … wants a practical veto on super policy because remember, Mr Albanese said it would be ‘a brave government’ that didn’t do as the Voice says,” Ms Stoker said.

“That’s not democracy. So, it’s time for the government to come clean. How much power will the Voice have over your retirement savings?

Another Communist masquerading as an aboriginal to get their hands on our Constitution, your Superannuation and your land?