Peter Dutton has the elitist Voice architects running scared. And rightly so.

Simply, there’s no need to change the Australian Constitution.

Dutton knows this.

Albanese pretends he doesn’t know this, treating Australians as fools, but he knows Dutton is right.   

What started out as a noble gesture to recognise aborigines as the first Australians in the foundation document of our nation, has since been hijacked by extremist activist communists.

This hijacking of our Constitution is aided and abetted by the perennial student activist-socialist Albanese.

Scratch the surface of the authors of the Uluru Statement, and you’ll find radical communists from student days, working their way up the greasy poll of our institutions over decades. The long-term goal to white-ant our nation and all it stands for.

Overthrowing the Constitution will benefit the Communist elites over all other citizens is the end agenda. Refer to George Orwell’s Animal Farm for the blueprint.

The next steps, as outlined in the Uluru Statement and affirmed by the authors is Treaty and ‘Truth-Telling’ (Pay The Rent and Sovereignty).

Your kids and grandkids will pay.

Foolishly, your kids and grandkids are most likely to naively vote Yes. But they will pay, and pay dearly with reparations from the land their homes sit on in years to come.

Dutton knows what’s going on, but needs to play a smart game, to avoid being targeted as non-caring for our most marginalised Australians.

Rather than opposing Constitutional recognition and a Voice, Dutton’s strategy is to embrace a legislated Voice (a sensible move), which means it can be amended or pivoted if it doesn’t achieve the desired results.

He promises to have another referendum to recognise aboriginals as the first Australians without upending the Constitution, the legal framework and safety net for Australia.

Dutton’s proposal will get overwhelming support, as it should, if it were the case in this present referendum.

The problem with Albanese is, he’s overcooked it.

He went too far, seizing the opportunity to recognise our first Australians, by enshrining extra powers for his elitist (mostly white skinned) mates with some aboriginal heritage, over the rest of us.

It’s a power grab.

This is why this referendum should, and will, fail – regardless of recruiting Johnny Farnham.

The majority of Australians are not as foolish as Albanese surmises.

Aussies, with their inbuilt BS detectors can sniff a silver-toothed rat at 50 paces.

The referendum’s failure will be the unravelling of Albanese.

He will be mortally wounded for over-egging the custard.

He over-reached in the extreme, then badly managed the referendum.

Reading the poll trends over the past few months, Albanese is attune to this, and is already plotting his excuses.

“Referendums are hard,” he now says.

“Most referendums have not reached a majority,” he explains.

“People will say, well, at least I had a crack.”

These weasel words by present-day Albanese, realising his leadership will be at risk with a failed referendum, is laying the groundwork to cling to the Prime Ministership after a failed referendum.

Present Albanese is trying to save the political skin of future Albanese.

But Australians aren’t fools.

They can see through Albanese.

His attempt to overthrow the Australian Constitution, will not be easily forgiven or forgotten.

This will be the undoing of the Albanese government.

The beginning of the end, and the making of Peter Dutton as the next PM.

But Dutton needs to be smart, by offering to have a fresh referendum to do what Albanese should have done.

Recognise aborigines in the Constitution as the first Australians, then legislate a voice.

This is the safe antidote to Albanese’s radical, communist takeover.

Megan Davis, one of the activist elite authors is already shooting down Dutton’s fair and reasonable alternative.

Dutton’s option strips Davis and her elite cohorts of the power and money they so crave.

But, for the 99% of Australians who are not part of the socialist, aboriginal clique, there’s nothing to fear from Dutton’s proposal.

The only ones to fear are those who have plotted for decades to usurp our country for their own benefit, enrichment and power.