The mother of the four Italian girls has vowed to continue to fight in the Italian courts. Fight for what?

In Italy she was granted primary custodianship. She decided she wanted full custody. She kidnapped the children, took them to Australia under false pretences, putting them through hell on earth in the full glare of the media (using ill informed public support with untrue, unproven, defamatory accusations about the girls' loving father).

She will not get a court decision in Italy allowing her to take the children back to Australia, and after her track record she risks losing primary custody.

She will not return to Italy either. Her refusal can only be either another 'look at me' media stunt (see today's papers for another staged photo-op of her on her own) or an admission she has acted illegally. Either way a bad look.

When will this woman understand that BOTH parents have rights, that the law is the law.

The Hague Convention protects ALL parents. Her refusal to acknowledge that has caused immense suffering to her innocent young girls. I would go as far as saying she's unfit to be a mother .

There are thousands of similar cases all over the world. This is not a unique situation. Many cases are not publicly scrutinised. This one was in the public domain because the mother craftily pursued and cultivated the media with her 'tragic' story of an evil, bad man.

Within three weeks of landing in Australia, the mother was up and running in the press with her victim status, fleeing from an oppressive and tyrannical marriage. The problem with all that, was that there was no such proven evidence in court, where she had every opportunity to make her case. She knew she had to get on the front foot to manipulate the public before the law came knocking at her door (which it inevitably did).

Her story was swallowed up hook, line and sinker by a naive, unquestioning, lazy media that knows a good heart-wrenching story when it hears one, regardless of the facts.

The mainstream media, much of it left looking foolish, continues to cover it own bum, now portraying the offender as the 'victim'.

At some point, journalists have to display some balance and understanding of how the law works and why the decision was made to send the girls back to Italy. But balance does not sell advertising. Drama and emotional hysteria do.

There was little-to-no reference of the mother's  illegality, offences, lies, contempt, and manipulation. The mainstream, media is largely complicit in distortions of the case.

The independent court report found the mother had coached the girls who now show signs of following their mother's footsteps. They know if you don't get your way, kick, scream, abuse and yell.

Two of the girls had to be removed from the flight to Italy, on the captain's orders due to their conduct. The damage we are witnessing to these children can only be directly attributed to the mother's plans, coaching and actions.

Now the mother threatens to keep the fight going. Fight for what, I ask? Her own way? The courts have decided on her case and her custodianship. If anything she has displayed behaviour that could only work against her. And yet she does not think about the welfare of her children. Surely their nightmare has to end.

Did I mention I'd go as far as saying this woman is unfit to be a mother?