Today in The Australian columnist Troy Bramston wrote an opinion piece warning against another Trump presidency.

In the column, Bramston described trump as a populist, a demagogue, a bully, a braggart and a huckster.

He says, “…a Trump return to The White House would be dangerous”.

That’s Bramston’s opinion.

I agree with much of Bramston’s character assessment of Trump. Where I disagree is his statement that Trump’s return to the White House would be dangerous.

Let’s examine this statement.

Trump is indeed a dangerous bully, a braggart and an egotist with sociopathic tendencies. I agree entirely with Troy’s character assessment.

But Trump is OUR bully, braggart and egotist with sociopathic tendencies.

In a world of dangerous , sociopathic bullies, all who rule with an iron glove and fear, Trump is the West’s antidote.

Under the previous Trump Presidency no new war started.

The Wests’ enemies were fearful, nervous and respectful – exactly where Trump wanted them.

Who can deny Trump’s strategy of counter-bullying North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (belittling Kim on social media as the “little rocket man”). Trump and Kim met in Nth Korea, a historic meeting.

Peace between North and South Korea ensued.

Bully meets bully.

Bully respects counter-bully.

Sociopathic bullies fear only one thing – other sociopathic bullies.

Under Trump China was not rattling the Taiwan invasion sabre.

Under Trump the Taliban did not rule Afghanistan.

Let’s compare Trump and Biden’s record…

Under Trump Hamas did not attack Israel.

Under Trump Russia did not attack Ukraine.

Under Trump Iran was in its box.

Under Biden…

Under Biden – China is repeatedly bullying its neighbours with the intent to invade Taiwan.

Under Biden, North Korea’s little rocket man is back firing his little rockets.

Under Biden the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Under Biden Russia attacked Ukraine.

Under Biden Hamas attacked Israel.

Under Biden Iran has unleashed the dogs of Islamic jihad.

Yes, Trump is a bullying, egotistical, sociopathic braggart.

But he’s OUR bullying, egotistical, sociopathic braggart in a world of bullying, egotistical sociopaths.

Ask yourself, was the world safer or more dangerous under a Trump presidency?

Is the world a safer or more dangerous place under a Biden presidency?

The West needs Trump.