Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Why Does Aunty Hate Us So Much

Blind Freddie can see that the ABC is run for and supported by the Left. Its most ardent supporters hail exclusively from the Left.

Not surprisingly then, the ABC is at war with traditional Australia. They lie about ADF personnel and campaign against returned soldiers.

They lie about youth detention and about systemic racism in Australia. They launch constant attacks on Israel and Israelis, smear our police services and campaign against border security.

They even have the gall to compare detention centres to concentration camps. The ABC ceased being OUR ABC many years ago.

Assylum Seekers Having fun on Manus Island
You didn’t realise that Belsen was like this did you? Thanks ABC for educating us all.

It is not even remotely balanced. It is becoming clearer every day that the apparatchiks at the ABC think they have found the revealed truth and must impose it on all others.

They act as if the role of others is to labour as serfs for them. Is our role simply to pay their progressive elite staff and professional malcontents through our tax dollars?

The ABC has become an angry organisation. It is made up of Social Justice Warriors and Left-wing progressives who clearly cannot be appeased.

They expect others to be subservient and obedient and try to dictate every aspect of our lives. Unless you subscribe to their catechisms and ideology you will be smeared as a right-wing bigot or a Nazi.

They portray traditional Australians as deeply racist – and Conservatives as mean spirited, greedy or just plain evil.

They create divisions and manufacture an ideology of US vs THEM. This puts us into warring tribes and if you do not meet their approved ideology, then you are on the outer.

The left are not pro-poor, they are anti-rich and anti- wealth creation. They are not pro-equality, they are anti-excellence.  They are not pro-charity, they are anti-achievement.

They club us endlessly with an ever-growing list of grievances and victimhood. These sins can only be atoned for by personal submission or relentlessly expanding state interventions.

Their ideology creates a huge victim class dependent upon their enlightened help and intervention. This is the end game because people in this situation are easier to control.

Those who can stand on their own two feet, show thrift and endeavour are a reproach to their bitterness and anger.

This Will Not End Well

Unfortunately, millennials have been raised on participation trophies when many of them never even got into an arm wrestle. Little do they realise that they will lose – and lose hard. 

Greta Thunberg at the UN
“You’ve stolen my future,” says a girl who never built anything.

Many believe they are entitled. They think they can create a genderless utopia of egalitarianism where we will all find inner peace.

This is the nihilistic dead end of the religion of leftism. If anyone violates any of these tenets, forget it. The mob will destroy them, and the ABC will help to direct the mob.

The point of the ABC should be to serve the Nation. It is not supposed to be a plaything of the radical left. Our National broadcaster is not SBS.

It should have at least some programming set aside for patriotic, Conservatives who believe in the values of the traditional Australian nation.

We built it, we paid for it and we want it back.