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Last Wednesday, a group which calls itself Uni Students for Climate Justice rallied at Circular Quay in Sydney.

This group was behind the mass Sack Scomo protests across the country and walked from Customs House to Martin Place on Wednesday evening even though they didn’t have police permission.

NSW Police said the protesters failed to provide the required seven days notice under the Summary Offences Act. They marched anyway. Had they been a Conservative group, they would probably have been arrested.

The main orchestrators and marchers of the UNI STUDENTS FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE movement are Marxists. The media describes them as university students. Even standing right in front of them and seeing their antics the media were unable to spell out what everyone else can see.

The ABC described these people as university students fighting for a better world and for justice.

Climate Protests Sydney

Adam Bandt on his Twitter feed said, “Future’s in good hands: great insights from Monash University students today discussing science and policy.”

This is the same Adam Bandt who also calls for climate trials of political opponents – meaning anyone opposed to his radical policies – on his Twitter feed.

Adam Bandt Climate protests

The media did a great job of covering for the Marxists who have marched in every city across Australia.  Socialist Alternative’s manifesto is clear.

It aims to: destroy capitalism, dissolve the police force and the Australian Defence Force, ban private schooling, seize private property,  replace the flag and more. You can read all of this on the Socialist Alternative website.  It is not a secret or hidden. Their aims are clear.

Adam Bandt is forever on the lookout for Nazis. Hardly any exist. Nazis have not been a force since 1945. If we saw a single Nazi on the street society would be collectively outraged.

Yet thousands of Marxists marching, is apparently no big deal. These radicals also teach our children. They are prevalent in academia and are even in our parliaments.

Aboriginal Protests

The death toll from Marxism is five times that of Nazism. It is an indictment of our education system that students can do thirteen years of school and be ignorant of such facts.

Or maybe they think it will be different this time?