If Chinese troops roll down your street, they won’t be liberating you

When historians look back on our time, I suspect they’ll see the period 1991 to 2020 as peak globalism.

Peak trade. Peak debt.

Peak America.

Peak consumerism. Peak materialism. Peak “you do you and I’ll do me” sodomy festival moral nihilism.

Victorian Police marching in a pride parade in May 2021 while their colleagues beat up grannies for not wearing a mask

Peak ‘pride’.

In 2021 you had to Zoom church to save Nana but making out with 43 random washed-up junkies in St Kilda was fine because they were celebrating diversity and inclusion and you’re probably a domestic terrorist, bigot.

Peak hypocrisy.

Peak individualism. It is not a coincidence that peak globalism coincided with peak individualism, because they are flipsides of the same ideological coin.

They are both aspects of a long-standing elite agenda which seeks to erase all identity, break up all families, tear apart all cultures and reset all morality to create a planet of proles enslaved to money and in thrall to power.

You’ll own nothing and you’ll take the jab and you’ll be happy, slave.

The last 30 years were therefore, in a material sense, the peak of the West. After the fall of the Soviet Union, neoconservative think tankers like Francis Fukuyama even wrote books proclaiming that history was over.

The liberal democratic West had won. As if history had been a computer game and we got the high score.

Those same neoconservatives were pushing actual conservatives to support more wars in the Middle East at the same time, sowing the seeds of the collapse of Western power we are seeing today.

Future historians will not have anything nice to say about neocons and their neo-Trotskyite ideology.

While we were peaking, however, other parts of the world were at different stages of their civilisational cycle. Some were falling and some were rising. After 1991, the Russian empire was most definitively falling.

The 90s were brutal for Russians. If the cheap bootleg potato vodka didn’t kill you then the local gangsters would. It was a time of misery and hardship, made worse by a kleptocratic Western financial elite who sought to pillage the resources of Russia and turn it into a Third World dependency of the West.

That plan didn’t work out, however, thanks in part at least to the leadership and strategic brilliance of Vladimir Putin. It’s probably why they hate him so much.

The lying media liken Putin to Hitler. Leading propagandist Stan Grant writes as such regularly on the ABC, painting Putin as a Eurasian barbarian despot seeking world domination.

He certainly did come to power at the right time to make some reforms and revive a moribund society, just like Hitler. Like Hitler, he has a vision for his country which taps into a thirst for revenge against those who pillaged it and kicked it while it was down.

If you’ve paid attention to his reforms and his style though, you’ll see that Putin is pretty much what every actual conservative here in the West could only dream of in a president or prime minister.

He makes fun of arrogant feminist journalists. His economic policies are focused on ensuring broad-based wealth development for everyone in Russia, rather than only the enrichment of elite insiders and their toadies in media, finance and entertainment like in the West.

He does extended press conferences during which he says things that are true and real and not driven by PR and spin.

He’s hated by the same people who hate us. When Trump won, it was because ‘Russia hacked the election’ lol. Now that the Canadian trucker convoy is starting to worry the Canadian establishment, the Ottawa regime’s propaganda outlet the CBC has alleged that ‘Russian actors’ are behind it.

This has made many actual conservatives in the West into Putin fanboys. And I get why. If I was Russian, I would be too.

But the thing is, we’re not Russian.

Whether we like it or not, we’re from the countries whose governments in our name screwed the Russian people for a decade after 1991 and who have bombed, perverted and oppressed people the world over ever since as part of the same totalitarian agenda they’re now implementing at home on us.

We’re the bad guys in this movie.

And while Russia was falling and then recovering, China has been booming like no other great power in modern history. Even the rise of Germany in the latter part of the 19th century was not so dramatic nor extensive.

This was made possible by the opening of trade and diplomatic relations under Henry (real name Heinz) Kissinger’s State Department.

The Clintons, who took large sums from China to finance Bill’s re-election in 1996, turned on the spigots of money and tech to flow from the US to China in the lead-up to China’s scandalous admittance to the World Trade Organisation in December, 2001 and only Trump ever did anything to stop the flows. The rest is history.

Not the end of it, either. For the Chinese, maybe even the beginning of it.

For while the Russians remember the Cold War, the glories of the Soviet empire and the humiliation of the 1990s, the Chinese historical memory goes even deeper.

Every schoolkid in China hears endlessly about the Century of Humiliation from the Opium Wars in the 1850s to the victory of the Chinese Communist Party in the Chinese Civil War in 1949. It’s their core national narrative.

That victory was enabled by subversive communist elements within the US State Department such as Alger Hiss as well. The enemy within.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the Opium Wars were carried out in our name. While we have forgotten all about it, the Chinese have it burned into their minds. That narrative of grievance and victimhood is at the heart of the nationalist resurgence in China in the past few years.

If you want to see it in action, check out the 2019 military parade held to celebrate 70 years of communist tyranny in China. It’s like a Nuremberg rally but with way more red.

Pooh bear’s got a bit of an ego, methinks.

Putin is enemies with the ruling elite of the West, which any actual conservative in the West should be, too.

But that doesn’t mean he is our friend, and supporting Russia and therefore China in the next few years will mean supporting the foreign powers that our governments are sending Aussie boys, girls and non-binaries to die fighting against.

We really need to think this through.

There’s a war coming. You can feel it. Our overly-indebted, morally bankrupt Western elites need it in order to prevent a popular uprising against them for the COVID lockdown scam.

They’re egging Russia and China on, and with a demented president who probably wears nappies holding the nuclear suitcase in the Oval Office it’s probs a good time to attack. If I were Putin and Xi, I would.

My advice? If war kicks off, don’t pick a side. Stay home. Protect and care for your family.

Work on the veggie garden. Get right with the good Lord. Perhaps dig a bunker to hide your kids in if the government summons them to go die fighting for pride festivals and the Great Reset.

Maybe practice making dim sims and saying, “We for one welcome our new overlords!” in Mandarin.

That might come in handy.