You don’t need rights anymore when government keeps you safe, comrade.

“It’s for your own good.”

“That’s why we had to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and kill all those evil land-owning kulaks. To liberate you. We did it for you, comrade. Can’t you see?”

This was how Bolshevism was justified to the Russian people after 1917, and by the time the Russian people had been thoroughly demoralised, brutalised and enslaved, it didn’t matter anymore that it was all lies. All that mattered was that a tiny intellectual elite had power and they had none.

Gone were the simple pleasures of peasant life. Gone was the social life of the local orthodox church community. In its stead was an amoral system that controlled every aspect of life, until the Russian people finally threw off the yoke of utopian political tyranny and gained their humanity back 75 years later.

For the next century, the same playbook was used throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The same destabilisation of a society through utopian lies, followed by an engineered crisis that justified abolishing the old order and establishing the new.

Every single time totalitarianism took hold, the ideologically-obsessed control freaks driving it used the same game plan.

Step one: Present a threat to the public.

Step two: Convince the mentally weak among the public that only you could protect them.

Step three: Seize total control under cover of an emergency.

Step four: Kill and imprison everyone you don’t like.

Rinse and repeat, again and again. Russia, Hungary, China, North Korea, Cuba, Uganda, Vietnam, Cambodia. Tens of millions dead. Hundreds of millions dehumanised.

Then to keep control, the elite creates a bogeyman. A scapegoat. In the countries liberated from European imperial rule like China and Cuba, it was the Western imperialists. In Iran, it was the Great Satan America, although no decent Persian ever took that nonsense seriously.

In George Orwell’s prescient novel 1984, which portrayed how all this worked, the scapegoat was “Goldstein!”

I wonder why he chose that name? It’s a mystery I guess.

Under the new totalitarian regime which has seized power in Western countries, it’s the unvaxxed.

Everything we have been taught was done to the Jews in Central Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s is now being done to those who haven’t taken the jab.

Removed from employment? Check.

Blocked from doing business? Check.

Can’t enter shops? Check.

Demonised by political elites and the media? Check.

Vilified by the mentally weak and amoral in society as the cause of all society’s woes? Check.

We’re even putting them in camps now.

Queensland’s Jewish premier should be ashamed of herself.

1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World have both turned out to be prophetic. In both, too, there is a hierarchy that enables the totalitarian system to keep control. 

1984’s protagonist Winston Smith struggles with his position in society because he is a member of the Outer Party, and is therefore expected to maintain ideological orthodoxy. He is not a prole. If he were a prole, it wouldn’t matter what he believed. He would have no power.

It is the same in Brave New World for the alphas and the betas. It’s only when the upper caste members of society break with the ideology of the state that it becomes a problem.

Tyrants don’t care what the peasants think, or if they think. What matters is that the managerial elite, which in our society is the professional class, believes. They either have to drink the Kool-Aid or be so scared of losing their positions that they pretend to drink the Kool-Aid.

Under the emerging regime, however, the required ritual is not that you drink the Kool-Aid. It’s that you take the jab, bigot.

That’s why people are losing their jobs. The jab is a political mechanism. It’s a symbol. The dissidents, the people who won’t comply with an amoral system out of convenience or to save themselves, are being weeded out.

People who think and still have a conscience are being made into proles.

While many Australians were probably convinced during the Delta death-swarm panic of 2021 that they needed it, no right-minded person still believes that they need to take a shot or a booster now. None of the official narrative makes any sense anymore.

Most Australians will sign up for the boosters once they’re mandated, though, because they’ve seen what happened to Steve in marketing who used to spout anti-vax stuff in the lunchroom and then got fired for not taking the jab.

They don’t want that happening to them. Their wife might leave them. They’ve got kids to think of. So they’ll comply.

This is how totalitarian systems are cemented after the revolution. They rely upon an amoral, self-interested majority obeying out of convenience even though they know it’s nonsense.

They’ve got a mortgage to pay after all, right?

We were taught in school that Australia is a ‘democratic’ country. That because we voted we were free. Countries that aren’t free only have one political party. They don’t vote. That’s why they’re not free. We have two political parties and we get to vote. And so we were free.

Were we ever? Who knows. We’ve been taxed half to death for decades. Our kids have been brainwashed to hate us and themselves. Our wife was forced to enter the workforce in the 90s just to keep up our standard of living, while our neighbourhoods became unrecognisable around us.

The revolution didn’t happen overnight. It took a long time, and now it’s done. The new system is here.

We’re a post-democratic society now.

Will they still go through with the farce of elections? Sure. Why not? We saw with the USA in 2020 that they’re faked anyway.

But the old Australian culture that I can remember the end of is gone and is never coming back. The processes of cultural destruction begun by identity Marxism and financial enslavement through usurious money creation have now been completed by a flu.

Will we see a revolt in time to prevent the tyranny? I pray so. The tyrants don’t always win. After World War I many Central European nations including even Germany had communist revolutions that got reversed and put down.

The hour is late, though, and I fear too many young people in the West have been hopelessly brainwashed to be of any use. They don’t remember what society used to be like and could be like again.

They were raised by daycare, classroom Marxists and screens because mum was too burnt out from answering phones at work and dad was too beaten down by the feminist culture to be a leader in the home.

If the COVID scam fails, the elites will try something else. World War III maybe.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

See you in the camps.

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