It’s the ideological weapon that just won’t stop detonating

We’re hearing lots of rumours of wars at the moment. The British and American deep states are blasting the message across all their propaganda channels that evil dictator Vladimir Putin is about to invade Ukraine because he doesn’t like democracy or freedom or puppies or whatever.

While they bleat, Vlad impales.

Like a boss.

Unlike many political dissidents in the West, I don’t think Putin is our saviour. I think his motivating focus is to bring down the West that brought down Russia in 1991, and the corruption and incompetence of the regimes in Washington, London, Ottawa, Wellington and Canberra are making his dream a reality.

If he and his new bestie Jinping succeed, they will be liberating us from a predatory imperial elite possessed by a globalist ideology who know only how to tax, bomb, indoctrinate and pervert.

However, Vlad and Jinping will also be liberating us from things like shopping centres and supermarkets and petrol stations. The easy times we have known all our lives will be a memory condemned by our posterity.

There are many weapons used by nation-states. Not all of them go bang. Some of them are just as powerful as the ones that do. Take for example the US dollar. It’s the reserve currency of the planet and has been weaponised against nations like Cuba and Iran for decades.

Now the US is threatening to cut Russia off from the global financial system; however, Russia has hardened its financial infrastructure and loaded up on gold ahead of time. That weapon probably won’t work so well this time.

So the West will resort to other weapons.

Vlad and Jinping won’t be the cause of our collapse this decade. The seeds of our demise were sowed over a century ago when our governments signed a Faustian pact with the central bankers that gave them temporary global power through the alchemy of usurious money creation.

It’s how they won the wars and it’s how they won the peace.

Now our generations stand on an unlit bonfire of debt, printing currency ever faster to try and delay the moment a spark sets it all ablaze.

And Vlad and Jinping are holding a box of matches, as energy prices in Europe skyrocket and the China-based supply chains of consumer capitalism get cut off. Both are stoking the inflation that is forcing the central banks of the world to raise rates.

Interest rates are going up, and as they do the American-led liberal world order is going to burn.

Culture is a weapon that the US in particular has used very effectively. I can remember seeing footage of David Hasselhoff performing on the ruins of the Berlin Wall in 1990 months before the first McDonald’s opened in Moscow.

Communism had made people very unsophisticated, I guess.

People in the West believed that communism crumbled when the Soviet Union did. It’s a narrative we’ve been telling ourselves ever since.

As well as finance and culture, ideology is a powerful weapon in international relations. Anglo-American liberalism had seemed to win that conflict also, as rampant individualism, consumerism and hedonism have spread around the world.

Communism never died, though. It mutated. Like a virus.

If there’s one thing communists understand, it’s ideology. A century ago, when the Bolshevik revolution failed to spread around the world, the apparatchiks in the Kremlin coordinated a global intellectual effort among Marxists to identify what had gone wrong.

By the 1930s this ideological Manhattan Project had yielded critical theory, familiar to many today as either critical race theory or ‘wokeness’. It was the application of the Marxist dialectic to identity instead of class, and by the early 1960s it had spread throughout the university system of the West.

The student rebellions of ‘68 were its Hiroshima moment, when its power was made evident across the campuses of the Western world.

And it just won’t stop detonating.

This is ideological warfare. This is what KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described as ideological subversion; a form of psychological warfare which Soviet intelligence euphemised as ‘active measures’.

This mental virus spread through the Western university system for the past 50 years and has now totally demoralised our societies. The contrasts between the unpunished Antifa riots in the US and the scandalous misrepresentation of the January 6 protests, along with the treatment of the freedom convoys in Canada and here in Australia, reveal how close we are to a total neo-communist takeover in the West and the end of whatever rights we thought we had after governments put us under house arrest and made us get jabbed or lose our jobs.

The Grace Tames and Virginia Triolis given wealth and status and attention to divide our society and undermine the foundations of its social order are useful idiots for an ideological system that killed tens of millions last century.

An ideological system which we thought dead and buried, but which is still very much alive in Beijing, if not in Moscow.

Military parade in Beijing in 2019 just prior to the COVID biological attack

If you watched the nightly news in the 1980s, that picture would look familiar.

This destabilisation is coming to a head right as we might be about to engage former KGB operative Vlad head-to-head, with his buddy Jinping ready to ride wingman with all his stolen US tech.

Mid-ranking military leaders in the US are raising the alarm. A retired 3-star Marine general has spoken out recently, warning that neo-Marxist ideology is dangerously weakening US military capability.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley, is enthusiastic in his support for teaching critical race theory throughout the military.

When pressed on the issue by the House Armed Services Committee last year, Milley responded, “I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist.“

No it doesn’t, general.

Being a communist makes you a communist.

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