The elites have triggered this crisis so they can manage the economic collapse

I grew up hearing people say all the time how lucky it was we live in Australia. “Think of those poor bastards in Africa who don’t even have any food.” That type of thing.

It’s a good mindset to cultivate, especially in children. Gratitude.

That view was looking a little shaky when we got put under house arrest by politicians and kicked out of our jobs for not taking a jab by politicians over the past two years.

But I’ve found myself repeating those same lines to Mini Prepper Anon recently. Be grateful we can afford to eat, son.

The lockdowns are seeming to be cyclical at this point, too. We’re being let off the leash here for the election probably. Now it’s the Chinese people’s turn again.

I suspect it’ll be ours again sometime too. The elite plan is obvious at this point. Normalise the loss of freedoms for the greater good while using psychological warfare against the people to keep us divided, destabilised and disorganised.

That’s the plan, man, and it’s only going to get worse as this crisis intensifies.

I’m not here to spread doom and gloom, but knowing there’s a catastrophe coming down the pike and getting prepared is better than not knowing and being unprepared when it comes.

Friends, there’s a catastrophe coming down the pike.

We’ve entered a Grand Solar Minimum, and whenever this has occurred historically it has led to food riots, famine, starvation and ultimately revolution.

The social controllers who rule us knew this was coming and got ahead of it by putting out the global warming palaver. They’d hoped to get their global government system in before the cataclysm began, but they failed.

They then ran with Plan B, which was the pandemic. It seems that’s failing, too. The people aren’t buying it.

My bet is that Plan C involves a nuclear war, but there’s only so much negativity one article can hold so I won’t mention it. I’ll keep that one quiet.

I said there were three factors indicating a food crisis unlike anything in living memory is coming.

The first? Food exports being restricted out of Russia and Ukraine not harvesting or planting due to the conflict that you may or may not have heard of there. The sanctioning of the Russian government by the Western powers has severely disrupted Russia’s ability, and willingness, to export commodities such as cereals to nations supporting the sanctions.

This is a clever move by Russia as it secures its own domestic food supply. Between them, Russia and Ukraine contribute about a quarter of all global grain exports.

While here in Australia we grow plenty of food, commodity markets are international. We will not be immune from the effects.

The second factor which will drive up food costs soon also involves Russia. It produces about a fifth of the world’s supply of chemical fertilisers, and Russia and even its ally Belarus are now limiting fertiliser exports. The effect of this on food prices will be felt everywhere by next year.

The third factor is climate events.

Don’t worry reader, I’m not going to tell you Greta was right and we need to build a wind farm or the koalas will be sad. The climate cycle is getting chaotic as the solar cooling cycle intensifies, however. The recent floods here are an example, and this is happening around the world.

Natural, solar-driven climate change is the engine that drives the rise and fall of civilisations. You can see it again and again throughout history. Climate cooling cycles and volcanic activity correlate with the energy cycle of the sun, and when you get increased volcanic activity and increased cloud cover due to a weakening in the Earth’s magnetosphere from a decline in solar energy output everything goes bang all at once.

We have the enormous privilege to live through such a time, friends.

At least it won’t be boring.

It happened to a smaller degree a few centuries ago. 1816 is known as The Year Without A Summer, or Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death. In North America, the newly minted ‘Americans’ had to deal with frozen ground all year round and in London there was a winter fair on the Thames it was frozen so hard.

It was all due to a volcanic eruption at Mount Tambora in Indonesia.

Here’s a guy with a low-testosterone voice to explain it if you’re interested.

It wasn’t just a random eruption, though. There was a reason it happened.


Sunspots are a metric of solar energy output, and when solar energy turns down we get more cloud cover on Earth and more volcanic eruptions which lead to global cooling and generally chaotic climate conditions.

Sunspots peaked around 1950 and have been heading down ever since. That’s why it’s getting colder and cloudier.

You may already be doing a bit of prepping for what’s coming. You may not. Perhaps you’re one of the many people who can sense that making some preparations would be prudent but your other half is resistant to the idea.

That’s pretty common. It can be hard to process the idea mentally and emotionally that the safe, comfortable economic system we took for granted is going away. People need time to process that.

The thing is though, time is not something we have as much of anymore. Nobody knows what the future holds, and maybe here in Australia, we get a reprieve from the crazy for a while until it all hits us again.

It’s not going away, though. We’re not in Kansas anymore. It’s only getting weirder from here on out.

The deep state think-tankers and their billionaire patrons knew this was coming decades ago. They were even talking about global cooling in the 70s before they realised it wouldn’t help them bring about global government.

Instead, they went with the global warming scam. Now here we are on the cusp of a global civilisational collapse and they just keep doubling down on their deception strategy.

If we’re going to fight back against these fork-tongued elites, we’re going to need good logistics. That begins with each household learning to become more self-sufficient, particularly in regard to food.

Getting out in the garden with the kids or the grandkids is a great way to bring reluctant spouses or family members on board with making preparations. Building out a local network of like-minded neighbours is the next step.

The elites want us to think like slaves and welcome their Great Reset.

No thanks.

I choose life.

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