Our centuries-long imperial bombs-and-burgers party is about to come to a fiery end.

Since World War II, the United States has bestrode the planet as a military, cultural and economic colossus.

Australians are so used to this world order we don’t even notice it anymore. We go to shopping centres, wear jeans, live in suburbs (unfortunately) and consume American entertainment (also usually unfortunately).

We think of it as a global culture. It’s not. It’s American culture.

Because we share British-Celtic origins with the founding stock of America, it can be a bit tricky to see where we end and they begin. As young Australians consume ever more American content during their formative years, we’ve become almost indistinguishable.

The British left a few cultural bits and bobs around the world, too. When many Aussie men go to the office or get married, for example, they wear a London banker’s suit. So do men in Mongolia, Moldavia and Madagascar.

That’s what happens in empires. Foreign elites copy the culture of the imperial elite and it trickles down to the peasantry until they think it was always their culture to begin with.

It’s common for leftists from outside the West to remark in snarky Engrish that ‘America has no culture’. I’ve heard it myself from Indians, Koreans and Chinese.

The ones who say so indubitably wore a suit to their wedding or wear a suit to work.

When everyone in the world wears a toga and speaks Latin, ‘Rome has no culture’.

So how did one nation, then, come to be such a giant across the Earth?

Is it just because we Anglo-Saxons are that much smarter, tougher and more innovative than everyone else?

Not entirely. It’s because we won the wars; and we won the wars through the power of central bank financial alchemy fuelling technology, industry and population growth from the Industrial Revolution until now.

Of course, nous and grit played a huge role in why the Anglo-American West is the hegemonic global power. So did Aussie digger muscle. But finance was the powder in the gun that made it possible.

Central banking enabled the rise of Britain, and the pound sterling was the de facto global reserve currency from the defeat of Napoleon until the Treaty of Versailles.

Central banking and the world currency system established at Bretton Woods toward the end of World War II are why America has been the unassailable global top dog since 1945.

The world trades in US dollars. All currencies and commodities around the world are valued in US dollars. All nations need USD for their reserves and also to trade with other nations.

This gives the United States the ‘exorbitant privilege’ of being able to print USD and send those digital dollars out into the world, where a globe greedy for greenbacks will swap them for items of real wealth and ship those to America.

This is why America’s standard of living has been the envy of the world for all of our lifetimes.

The monetary order is the financial basis for the post-World War II world order, and it’s enabled the US to develop a navy massive enough to police and protect the world’s trade routes and maintain over 700 military bases in every corner of the planet.

More than anything else, the US dollar system is the most valuable weapon the American empire has. But there’s a catch.

America had to maintain it as a ‘rule-based’ order. No kicking countries out of the central banking and cross-border payments systems. That kept faith in the world order, and America played by the rules.

Until now.

The nations of the world have gone along with the USD world order because, until very recently, it was a relatively fair and reliable system.

Nations like South Korea grew rich by not having to maintain an indigenous navy to protect their sea lanes from those dastardly Japanese pirates. Arabs grew disgustingly rich flogging oil without the threat of other Arabs raiding them. Malaysia grew rich by laundering money from around the Islamic world while keeping it all halal.

This was the machinery that enabled globalisation. Every country was alleviated of the responsibility for defending their trade routes (and largely their borders), while the Americans basked in the glory of being the ‘indispensable nation’ with a manifest destiny to bring liberalism, hamburgers and bad coffee to every benighted back alley on the planet.

Had much better coffee than Starbucks

That liberal project has gone toxic over time until now it’s about the right to groom little kids and mutilate their genitalia, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Far more important for us to understand in the current year is that this monetary order which underpins the current world order is falling apart. Fast.

In what would be a stunning break with the petrodollar system, Saudi Arabia has announced they are considering accepting Chinese currency for oil.

India and Russia are having talks about India paying for oil in rubles instead of dollars.

Russia is now using China’s CIPS payment system after being kicked off the SWIFT system by the Western elites. In yet another move away from the US-dollar-based global order, Israel announced it is adding the Chinese yuan to its foreign currency reserves.

Interestingly, the Aussie and Canadian dollars are also being added by the Israelis. That might give us a hint about what new monetary world order is emerging.

The trend is everywhere. The world is de-dollarising, and by de-dollarising it is de-Americanising.

What makes the breaking of the current world monetary system so bizarre is that the Americans are the ones wielding the hammer. The neocons running the White House have imposed sanctions on Russia unlike anything ever imposed before. It’s as if they know their current monetary system is imploding and they want to control the process of transitioning to the next one.

We can’t expect what Russian thinkers call the ‘Atlanticist’ elite to go down without a fight. No empire in history has rolled over without fighting to maintain its position, and there’s no reason to expect America to be the first.

It’s one of many reasons we’re growing food and stacking beans at our place, friends.

But why then is this happening now? What’s changed?

The very simple answer to this question helps us to see why turmoil is inevitable in the 2020s and why this collapse we’re facing was baked into the cake when the Bank of England first started lending to the Crown in 1694.

The West is a Ponzi scheme.

Not the amateurish multi-level marketing type of scheme your mate’s wife posts about on social media. This is the biggest Ponzi in history, and it’s coming to an end.

The Ponzi is money itself. If the public ever thinks about the origin of currency at all, they’ll probably think that government prints it up. A few more aware ones will assert that, in Australia, the Reserve Bank prints it up.

Neither are true. Fittingly, the Bank of England came clean to the public in 2014 and laid it all out.

The vast majority of all money in use in the world today was created when private banks made loans. That money you see sitting in your bank account (for now) was born when some business aspirant or house-horny young couple signed a contract to borrow from a bank.

When you pay back your mortgage every month, you’re actually killing money. Debt being repaid destroys currency by taking it out of the monetary system.

The current world monetary order began in Western Europe, but since the 1700s has spread around the world. Every nation in the world participates in this system, and it has enabled modernity.

The abundance we have taken for granted all our lives was made possible through the alchemy of fractional reserve banking, and at some point this system was always going to implode once new debt could not be created fast enough to service the debt already in existence.

This debt system is why Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. It’s why interest rates have been trending ever downward since the inflation crisis of the 1970s when debt expansion went into overdrive.

It’s why globalisation got going in the 1990s. As the Soviet Union collapsed, the debt system expanded into what were called ‘developing markets’ and fuelled booms and busts around the planet.

It’s why the Global Financial Crisis happened in 2008, and it’s why the central banks of Europe and North America started ‘quantitative easing’, or bank reserve money printing, on a previously unimaginable scale.

Every time the debt system has started to sputter, Western elites have responded. At first, it was by expanding the system around the world. After that, by printing trillions and trillions to make the system seem stable.

Their actions have had consequences, such as socially destabilising housing bubbles, but co-ordinated messaging from political and media elites in each nation was able to keep the proles from revolting.

The Ponzi scheme was working fine until September 17, 2019. On that day a sudden spike in interest rates in an obscure interbank lending market indicated that the big international banking firms were spooked enough to immediately stop lending to each other.

Interestingly enough, it was also about the time the COVID bioweapon was released.

The pandemic provided the cover necessary for governments and central banks everywhere to go on a spree to keep the system afloat. Even Australia started quantitative easing while the federal government stopped pretending that fiscal responsibility was ever a thing in this phony Ponzi world and shoved money down the throats of everyone they could find with or without a pulse.

The pandemic though seems to be winding down. The public aren’t buying it anymore. The elites needed another crisis event to jumpstart the next stage in the global monetary transition.

The neocons in charge of America have wanted a war against Russia for a very long time. They have a vendetta against Russia, and in particular against Putin. It was why Russiagate was seeded in the Western normie consciousness and why the 2020 election was rigged against Trump.

It seems they’ll get their war.

A new monetary world order is coming, and with it truly a New World Order. The Euro-American globalist elites are pushing for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda in which we’ll own nothing, have no gender, ride e-bicycles to the abortion clinic and eat our bugmeat burger happily or no internet access for you, slave!

It’s hard to see how that’s going to work. It’s too ridiculous. More likely, it will lead to civil war, political pandemonium and economic collapse for the West.

An alternate multilateral monetary framework seems to also be emerging under the rival leadership of Russia and China, too. This basket-of-currencies financial system would also be globalist, but would involve a balance of powers between the big nations of the world rather than Euro-American supremacy.

No gender spectrum, no bugmeat burgers and no wokeism. Sounds good to me, if we survive to see it.

World War II also involved rival visions of the future. Hitler had his plans for Germania once Germany was victorious. We’re seeing the same thing play out again.

Whoever wins this world war will decide the peace. That’s how it’s always been. Who will win the war, though?

Maybe this Rothschild-owned magazine cover from 1988 gives us a hint.

If you need me, I’ll be in the garden. Or the bunker.

This article first appeared in collapsitiarian.substack.com