Religious and ideological nutjobs are pushing us to catastrophe.

People used to laugh when I’d say I want a bunker in the backyard. I mentioned it at a kid’s 6th birthday party last year and people thought it was hilarious. Get a listen to this loon from Queensland, lol.

That kid had his 7th birthday party last weekend and someone brought it up. This time, no one laughed.

The mood has changed. People can feel it.

Unless something drastic changes at the highest levels in the world soon, we’re headed to direct military confrontation with Russia and China.

The 1930s are happening again in the news headlines. Embargoes, currency wars, fiery speeches, market turmoil, flag-waving rallies, proxy wars, the division of the world into blocs.

Next up? The 1940s.

President Brandon called Putin a thug and a war criminal last month. The other day, Nancy Pelosi called the Russian people ‘animals’.

Take a look.

That’s the language of dehumanisation and of total war. It’s the language that leads to atrocities.

We’re going into a vortex here. The 1940s with nukes at the start instead of at the end.

I sense a great amount of stunned disbelief in people at the moment when this topic comes up. Especially at kids’ birthday parties.

People are asking themselves, how could this happen?

I’m not pro—Russian and I’m certainly not pro-Chinese. I’m pro-truth, and although Russia and probably China will soon be our enemies and are committing military aggression, it’s the corrupt American deep state which is bringing the globe to the brink of catastrophe.

That’s not anti-Americanism, anti-Australianism or anti-Westernism. The good people of America agree with that take. If you love Australia, so should you.

The small, elite group of sociopaths who are taking the West to nuclear war have a name. They are known as the neoconservatives, or neocons for short.

They are academics and intellectuals who have taken over the Washington bureaucracy and push an ideology of American imperial hegemony which requires that all the nations of the world submit to American power and adopt a distorted version of American political and cultural values or be crushed.

They have turned liberal democracy into an imperial agenda for world conquest. They are not reasonable and they are not rational. They’re ideological fundamentalists.

Here is an interview done recently between Jewish neocon academic Professor Evelyn Farkas and Professor John Mearsheimer, a realist from the University of Chicago who is raising the alarm about the insanity of this deep state agenda.

Professor Farkas was one of the first to publicly allege that Russia had interfered to get Trump elected in 2016, a false claim that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats picked up on to make the people who still believe the TV hate Russians.

Neoconservative ideology is not at all conservative. It’s an ideological movement that began with a group of Jewish Trotskyite intellectuals in the second half of the 20th century; men like Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. These were Marxists who had left the Soviet Union and turned against their Bolshevik roots after Stalin ejected Trotsky.

Disgusted with the pacifism of the New Left and the hippies they encountered in the West, they created an ideology of muscular liberal imperialism that appealed to establishment conservatives because it looked like old-fashioned patriotism. It was anything but.

American conservatism had traditionally been isolationist and populist. The American right wanted to obey the Founding Fathers and avoid foreign entanglements that led to imperialism and strife.

The neocons changed all that. They made conservatism into an elite movement to reshape the world into the image of their debased version of liberal democracy. They stripped the American right of its sound money principles, and massively expanded private and public debt.

They discredited economic nationalism and instead pushed open-borders globalism and the transference of US tech and wealth to China, turning the great industrial cities of middle America into the rustbelt in the process. They pushed for wars in the Middle East which drained American blood and treasure and brought millions of Islamic invaders into Europe and the other Western nations.

The Middle East is not the only area of the world toward which neocons direct their venom, however. The neocons have made it clear for a very long time that their primary objective is the subjugation and dismemberment of Russia.

They hate Russia due to Stalin ejecting their Trotskyite faction prior to World War II, and they hate Putin because his leadership ended the pillaging of the country in the 1990s.

Putin’s restoration of Orthodox Christianity and national pride has utterly enraged them.

In the 1990s, the neocon Project for the New American Century laid the groundwork for the ‘war on terror’ in the Middle East after 9/11. Now those disastrous military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have come to an end, and rather than being driven out of Washington in disgrace the neocons are still in charge and are now ready for the main objective of their ideological agenda – the destruction of Russia.

The neocons are being as dogmatic about war against Russia in Ukraine as they were about wars in the Middle East for the last twenty years. They just love wars, as long as the disposable boys of middle America go fight them.

Like all ideological extremists, these people are more like religious nutjobs than rational realists. There’s a utopian vision for the world-to-be that runs through their writing and their speeches like a crimson thread. They have never abandoned the neo-Marxist dogma of their Trotskyite origins. They just changed its skin.

They have more in common with Christian Zionists wanting to see Israel burn so that Jesus will come back, Jewish Zionists wanting to see the war of Gog and Magog which restores the House of David or Islamic fundamentalists itching for the Al-Malhama Al-Kubra Great War which brings about the Dajjal and the coming of the Mahdi.

That video above has half a million views, and the guy who created it preaches and teaches openly throughout the UK and the Middle East thanks to open-borders globalism.

I’m a Bible-believing Christian and I do think Jesus is coming back maybe soon, but if your interpretation of God’s word makes you want a nuclear apocalypse then you’re far from God. You’re lost.

Millions of everyday people like you and me are going to burn in a day. The world will never go back to what we’ve known.

The planet has far too many religious and ideological nutjobs who just can’t wait to see a nuclear war that will bring about the world they envision; and some of these people are in charge of the White House.

Neocons say they believe America can win a nuclear conflict with Russia and, by extension, China.

I don’t believe them. Nobody wins World War III.

I think they just want to see the world burn.

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