The men who globalised national economies had a utopian dream. It’s now a nightmare

My favourite social media groups are the nostalgia ones.

Perhaps you’re familiar with them, dear reader. They have names like ‘Australia Back in the Day’ or ‘Sydney in the 70s and 80s’. That type of thing.

It’s enough to break your heart.

We know we’ve lost something. Somewhere, along the way, we lost something we so took for granted we didn’t even know we had it.

There’s a danger in nostalgia, though. It can make you look back at the past so much you forget to face the future.

This sense of having lost what made Australia the best place in the world to live is, I believe, the beating heart of today’s conservative movement. Rather than lamenting what we had, though, let’s for once ask ourselves: What happened?

A multitude of things, of course. One of the big ones, though, was globalisation.

We ceased to be a sovereign nation and instead became part of a global economic-political-cultural system that is headquartered in the United States but brings in influences and people from everywhere around the globe to our shores.

We’ve been part of an empire since settlement, but prior to the 1970s we could at least see that we had borders. That here was ‘us’ and outside here was ‘them’. We existed. We were a people with a heritage and an identity as proud and as distinct as the Japanese, the Inuit or the Mongols.

Nowadays, this idea is heresy. Racism!

This globalisation of culture and politics didn’t happen accidentally. It was imposed on us by foreign elites with the compliance of our national ones. Although globalisation is an old project with roots going back to the British Empire, the man who laid the groundwork for the postwar liberal world order we live under more than any other was Henry ‘Heinz’ Kissinger.

Kissinger made his name in the 1950s pushing the idea that the US should strive for detente with the USSR and step back from the nuclear brink, while opening up China to global capitalism as a means to wedge the Soviets and Mao.

This strategy took hold in the US deep state and led to Nixon visiting Mao in China in 1972 even as the Chinese were pouring weapons into North Vietnam to kill Yankee boys in the rice paddies of South East Asia.

President Nixon shaking hands with the greatest mass murderer in world history

This opening up of global capital into China culminated in China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in December 2001. That arrangement created the economy we’ve known for the last 20 years, in which Western consumers use the wealth we’ve gained through asset speculation (especially real estate investment) to buy increasingly cheap and abundant consumer items produced by Chinese urban factory slaves brought in from the impoverished regional areas by the communist regime.

The Chinese used the torrents of money this sent their way to invest in US Treasuries and productive assets worldwide. Establishment think tanker Niall Ferguson referred to this economic system as Chimerica, and until the 2020 COVID attack it created a global economic boom unlike anything seen before in human history.

This economic boom was all based upon debt. Government debt. Consumer debt. Corporate debt. Even the ‘China miracle’ was a mirage constructed upon trillions of dollars of unpayable debt.

As the economic interdependency of the world tightened, Australia transitioned ever more away from being a First World, industrial nation to a mine and a suburban housing development. We flog dirt to China to fund a social welfare state and feel rich while we do it because every year there’s more housing equity to withdraw to fund our lifestyle. Rinse, repeat, and screw the young.

America won the wars of the twentieth century because it was the industrial titan of the planet. It isn’t anymore.

China is.

Even if COVID wasn’t created in Wuhan, it was released there. The lockdown policy was pioneered there, destabilising the supply chains that the Chimerica system relied on. The latest round of lockdowns is certain to cause severe shortages in the West in the coming months.

How is this anything other than an economic nuke delivered to the heart of the West?

Leaked audio files from a high-level meeting of Chinese government and military officials in Guangdong also point to planning for a transition from peacetime to wartime production in the communist state.

Intellectuals like Kissinger are why we’re on the brink of nuclear war against a regional power with a much greater industrial capacity than the West.

Deep state operators like Kissinger influence, absorb and distribute the ruling oligarch consensus, which then informs the beliefs and opinions of politicians, the media, public intellectuals and academics, who then tell the public what to think.

Men like Kissinger represented a new elite who overthrew the WASP establishment and brought a European-style ideological utopianism to the elites of the West after World War II.

They shoved aside the pragmatic philosophies of the decadent, effete Anglo establishment such as classical liberalism and replaced them with central European-style ideological utopianism.

These utopian belief systems have now colonised the minds of our urban elites and are driving our society off a cliff.

Maybe Kissinger didn’t intend to destroy the nations of the world. Maybe it was just hubris. He is, after all, warning the Western-backed Ukrainian government to cede territory to Russia so we can all avoid a radioactive roasting.

Either way, in his intellectual pride, he has contributed to the catastrophe about to engulf the West.

Kissinger’s globalist ideology of a liberal world order ensured that one day the world would burn. As soon as the governments of the world stopped cooperating and reverted to economic nationalism, which was cyclically inevitable, World War III was assured.

Even if Kissinger didn’t intend for the destruction of the nations, someone did. The people who run the most powerful empire in the world are not stupid. Arrogant, foolish, delusional sure. But not stupid.

Someone engineered this world crisis.

That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s just the most obvious explanation of the facts.

We are led to believe that no one could have seen the breakdown of the current world system into economic catastrophe and nuclear war. That some random tyrant just decided to invade Ukraine and wreck the world. That some random viral mutation in a bat caused a new coronavirus pandemic to just appear. That random food shortages just appeared from nowhere.


This wasn’t accidental.

Someone’s got a plan.

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