World War Woke is at hand and the Australian people are not ready for it

One of the most unsatisfactory topics taught to us in high school history was World War I.

I remember the teacher, who relied heavily on the textbook, breezing over how 10 million men were sent to their senseless deaths because a ‘war climate’ had developed in Europe.

A ‘war climate’. That’s the best the big-brain textbook writers at the University of Queensland could come up with.

Like all questions of historical causation, there isn’t one clear answer as to what caused the senseless slaughter in the trenches. Alliance blocs played a part. So did complacency after the long peace of the late 19th century. Changes in technology and therefore the relative balance of power, too. Germany’s quest to prove itself and Britain’s fear of the rising German power were also central.

What turned a regional conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungary into a broader European and therefore global war, however, was the mobilisation of forces. Once nations began mobilising, declarations of war were simply a formality.

What has puzzled historians ever since was that, on the other side of the slaughter, none of those causes remotely justified the destruction of the flower of a generation of European manhood in a war which began the decline of all the European empires. As with the Second World War, Europeans and later Asians hosted the conflicts while America won them.

If history as a discipline survives the civilisational catastrophe our elites are about to embark on, those future half-starved and likely highly mutated historians will be even more astonished at the utter stupidity of this coming conflict.

What brought World War I to mind recently was a speech by General Sir Patrick Sanders, the Chief of the General Staff of the UK military, on 28 June in London. In the speech, General Sanders announced Operation Mobilise, stating that Britain is facing ‘our 1937 moment’ and that the nation is mobilising for total war in response to the Russian threat in Europe.

According to Sanders, ‘appeasement’ caused World War II, and he isn’t going to let the same thing happen again. Do you see the logic? Britain needs to mobilise to fight World War III against Russia to avoid World War III against Russia.

Sanders is wrong. This isn’t 1937. The mood is rather 1913. We’ve even got the rise of political anarchism as seen in the assassination of Shinzo Abe this week.

Europe and the United States are ruled by an elite who have never seen the reality of total war. They have become complacent about the relative power of NATO and the West against the Eurasian axis. They are drowning in debt and socialist unfunded liabilities they’ll never be able to pay. They take their economic supremacy for granted even while the basic commodities and manufactured goods global commerce relies upon are withdrawn from markets by the very nations they’re going to war with.

Sanders wants British forces to ‘harness the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ despite ‘our own diminished stockpiles as a result of giving in kind to the brave soldiers in the armed forces of Ukraine’. He asserts that ‘it’s not wokeism’ to not ‘need to be laddish, in order to be lethal’.

This is ominous.

Our rulers are careerist buffoons moving plastic soldiers on digital screens and imagining they can win a nuclear war against Russia and China simultaneously.


World War III will be won by the great power which comes late to the party with the greatest industrial capacity, most motivated citizenry and technological edge.

That isn’t America this time.

Maybe America has some secret weapons they’ll pull out once the shooting starts and pulverise the commies. Maybe those UFO sightings recently weren’t little grey men but rather supertech which makes the F-35 look like a Messerschmitt. Maybe America has some digital weapon that will disable the Chinese and Russian equipment as soon as the war kicks off.

But that’s a lot of maybes. What is not a maybe is that the nations of the world are gearing up for season three of global total war.

Last month the US announced it is moving extra F-35s, destroyers and military bases into Europe. NATO is expanding. The US military recently relaxed recruitment standards in order to expand numbers.

Despite all this, the usual cannon fodder aren’t turning up to fight the oligarchs’ war. Recruitment numbers are abysmal. The young aren’t interesting in dying for the liberal world order.

Perhaps it has something to do with the recruitment messaging?

The West hasn’t fought a war against a peer competitor since 1945. The Russians aren’t the Iraqis or the Somalis, and the Chinese of today aren’t the Chinese of 1950. They’ve got oodles of stolen American tech to shoot back with now.

Our rulers have a shared, mad vision of a one-world government they can impose upon the other great powers of the planet. They’ve had unquestioned power now for so long and they’re so out of touch they won’t see their destruction until it is upon them. The leftist NPCs who run this globohomo empire for them think they can just push the button and the people will obey. The mood has changed though. The people are revolting.

This time, the button won’t work.

Wars are fought by hard men, and the hard men inside the West aren’t going to die for a utopian ideology that hates them. They’re more likely to rise up against those who started the war in the first place.

Governments are preparing for war. So should we.

If you need me, I’ll be in the garden.

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