Nukes destroy cities but debt takes down civilisations.

The missus and I were reminiscing the other day, as people like to do in the second half of life. It sure was sweet to look back fondly on the good old days.

You know. 2019.

The world, our world, perished in the latter part of 2019, and we didn’t even know it. First, it was the bushfires. Then the scamdemic with the mass house arrest of entire societies, the beginning of global supply chain collapse and the ongoing jab persecution. Now, we’re on the brink of World War III.

Normies, the people who still believe the TV, think that all of these events are unrelated. Just one random thing after another. Global warming made 35 million acres of Australia just burn, destroying over 3000 buildings and killing 34 people.

Not because arsonists lit the fires to advance the climate change agenda. That’s crazy talk.

Then a bat ate a pangolin in some soup or some nonsense and the CCP pioneered locking everyone in their house, and the whole world decided that was a great idea for no reason at all.

Not because there was a pre-planned agenda and all of this was happening to a script. That’s hate speech. People like Bill Gates just predicted this so well because they’re so smart, and Klaus Schwab wrote a book about what the world needed to do in response to COVID so quick because he’s just so smart too.

They’re just really smart.

Then suddenly Putin mutated into mad, bad Putin who wants to conquer the world because some rats cornered him in an apartment building when he was little. Really.

Surely we’ve reached Peak Stupid with the normies.

We’re also seeing an intensifying wave of cyber attacks across the West. All of a sudden, your data isn’t safe online. You’re not safe online. You’re not safe. You need protection. You watch – this will be pushed to the limit and then we’ll be told we need a government-controlled Digital ID in order to be safe again.

Over time, you’ll need a Digital ID just to live, and once digital currencies are rolled out if you say or do anything Big Sister doesn’t like then nowhere will be safe for you.

We’re not going back to 2019, dear reader. The happy days are over. The future will be much different.

But why?

That’s a very important question. Why. Why is it that, all of a sudden in late 2019, the world around us disappeared and we entered the New Normal? Why then?


That’s the answer. The single factor behind why all of a sudden our elites abandoned the fictions of liberal democracy with fake climate bushfires, a fake pandemic, a fake cyber pandemic and a fake war to prevent Putin from conquering the galaxy is the collapse of the Western-controlled, debt-based economic system.

In mid-September 2019, an obscure interest rate in an obscure overnight debt market used only by the big international banks spiked. This crisis in the overnight repo market indicated that the big money managers who oversee the liquidity that powers international finance got so spooked they stopped lending to each other.

It’s never been made public what event caused this sudden repricing of risk, but it required emergency funding from the US Federal Reserve Bank (which is not federal, has no reserves and is not a ‘bank’). My money, pardon the pun, would be on collateral from one of the big European banks such as Deutsche Bank suddenly going bad.

This event was about three weeks before COVID was released, which turned out to be very fortunate for the central bankers who control the world. The emergency situation made possible by COVID led to a tsunami of money creation by central banks around the world, thus bailing out the international debt system for a little longer and kicking the can further down the road.

Last month, we ran out of road again. Incompetent careerist Liz Truss put forward a mini-budget for the UK based on the usual neoliberal strategy of cutting taxes, increasing spending and funding it via increased government borrowing. It’s an approach pioneered by Reagan, Thatcher and Hawke here, and enabled social welfare bloat and the enrichment of the banking elite at the expense of the young, the frugal and the hardworking.

But this isn’t the early 1980s anymore. Private and public debt levels are now much, much higher than back then.

Truss’ plan was the straw that broke the back of the UK government debt market. It caused a puke among UK pension funds, much of whose assets are long-term government debt known as gilts.

We came very close to another Lehmann Brothers 2008 moment, only averted by an emergency action from the Bank of England which began directly buying gilts to prop the market up. Truss then got fired by the oligarchs who own Britain’s politicians.

Last month’s crisis in the UK was just a canary in the coal mine, however. Nothing was fixed. The structural problems are all still there. Like the fuel which had built up in our mismanaged national parks, debt has accumulated for decades across the global economy thanks to structures and policies created by central bankers.

Central banks and governments have prevented the backburning of short-term recessions to clear the bad debt, and now the US Federal Reserve has decided enough fuel has accumulated and it’s time to light the match by steadily raising interest rates this year.

The Federal Reserve has raised the Fed funds rate, an important interest rate that helps price risk globally, from the outrageously low 0.25% it had been held at for most of the last 13 years to 3.25%. Interest rates around the world have spiked and a planetary dollar shortage has occurred as countries try to get hold of dollars to back debt denominated in USD. This 3% rise has been enough to set countries like Sri Lanka on fire, tank bond markets everywhere, decimate cryptocurrencies and start a global real estate market slide.

Governments and the oligarchs who control them are not unaware of this. They’ve known this was coming for a long time. That’s why they came up with schemes like the WEF Great Reset; they know that liberal democracy and the social welfare state that keeps it going will collapse, and so they want to get in first with their creepy neo-communist agenda before we peasants pitchfork them and burn their Teslas.

They use crises to advance the plan. Every bushfire is another excuse for someone like Dan Andrews to seize control of the energy sector and end industrial capitalism. COVID enabled governments to permanently end rights many of us took for granted. The coming nuclear event in Ukraine and subsequent war between NATO and the Russia-China alliance, which is now all but guaranteed, will be used I believe as a pretext to hide the collapse of the financial system and bring in digital surveillance of the population and global government.

Unless mad Putin wins. Then who knows?

At the end of 2021, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell gave a crucial speech in which he announced that interest rates were going to rise for the first time in nearly 20 years. In every debt market chart from around the world, that moment marked a turning point when things started to go pear-shaped.

The excuse given by Jerome Powell was inflation, but that’s not the real reason. Central banks caused this inflation.

The real reason is that this economic system built on debt-based money creation, infinite government borrowing and constant inflation of assets always had a use-by date, and it’s now time for that economic system to come to an end. Governments are about to default on their populations and the global banking system is about to go under, to be replaced by a much more centralised social control system at a much lower standard of living.

But first, the world needs to burn. And central bankers have lit the match.

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