The leftist elites are losing their cultural power over how we think and it’s driving them nuts.

Across America at Thanksgiving last week, families sat down to expensive turkey, pumpkin pie and tense conversations between family members on opposing sides of the culture war engulfing Western societies.

Former President Trump had his own awkward Thanksgiving dinner, but not with his Democrat daughters this time. With Ye.

Trump claims he invited Kanye along to dinner at Mar-a-Lago at Kanye’s request.

According to timscast, the conversation became heated shortly after Kanye asked Trump to be his running mate, with Trump referring to Kanye’s former wife Kim Kardashian as ‘a disgusting human being’.

On the initiative of Kanye’s campaign director Milo Yiannopolous, Kanye brought political commentator Nick Fuentes along with him.

That was enough for the media elites to spit their soy lattes.

They needed seven adjectives to describe how much they hate Fuentes.

That’s a lot of hate.

Over the last few weeks, Kanye West has lost approximately two billion dollars. Most of this wealth evaporated thanks to social media posts and interview comments West has made about powerful Jewish men in control of the entertainment industry.

It’s clear this would have affected Yeezy. His shoe empire meant a lot to him. When someone accused him of not being a billionaire a few years ago, he did a photoshoot with his Adidas Yeezy shoes to show how rich he is.

Or rather, was.

In 2021, a Sotheby’s auction of just one of Kanye’s pair of sneakers sold for US$1.8 million. With Kanye’s recent comments and the collapse of the central bank debt bubble, they’re probably worth quite a bit less today.

Fuentes has been making controversial statements for much longer than Kanye. He plays the role of a troll, and has said things that most normal people would find to be in poor taste. They’re also things, whether we like it or not, that a large minority of people agree with.

When Fuentes’ YouTube channel America First was permanently shut down in October 2020, it had 76000 subscribers. That’s a lot of people for a YouTube channel focused on political commentary run by a 22-year-old out of his parents’ garage. His Twitter account had 140000 followers before it was suspended in mid-2021.

The views of men like Fuentes and West are not mainstream views. They’re not held by most people. They are, however, views that a significant minority of people are interested in hearing and judging for themselves.

These include views such that pornography should not be so readily accessible in our societies. That abortion is a tragedy. That vilifying white, Christian men constantly in university lecture halls and school classrooms has a toxic effect on our society.

Thanks to the efforts of the censors and the cancel culture elites, views like this are suppressed. They are not allowed by the powerful to be included in the public discourses of our societies, and the people who spread them are targeted for vilification, deplatforming, unemployment and even jail.

Fuentes himself had half a million dollars confiscated by the DOJ and FBI in 2021 for being connected to the January 6 democracy party in Washington, DC. Thanks to the Patriot Act, initially brought in under the cover of protecting Americans from auto-combusting Muslims, there’s nothing Nick can do about it.

The organisation most responsible for this culture of censorship and political persecution in America is the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL.

The ADL bills itself as existing ‘To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and secure justice and fair treatment to all.’

Sounds noble, right? It’s not.

In reality, the ADL is an organisation whose income is dependent upon the threat of anti-Semitism. It was founded a century ago to prevent a child rapist from being punished for his crimes.

The leader of the ADL is Jonathan Greenblatt.

I bet he doesn’t wash his own car, mow his own lawn or get told ‘no’ very often. He looks like someone out of central casting as a Bond villain.

It’s thanks to Greenblatt’s ADL that Google and YouTube began to crack down on wrongthink in 2017. The ADL has been a ‘select contributing member’ of YouTube’s Trusted Flagger program, created in 2012, which decides which speech is acceptable and which speech is not. It is thanks to organisations like the ADL that alternative news sites like the Richardson Post have been demonetised.

Jonathan Greenblatt is always seeking to draw a connection between ideas the elites don’t like and domestic terrorism. Even in 2017, Greenblatt was equating ‘hate’ (thoughts he doesn’t like) and terrorist extremism when discussing YouTube’s censorship policies:

“The fight against terrorist use of online resources and cyberhate has become one of the most daunting challenges in modern history. Google has been a leader in this area from the beginning. The reality is extremists and terrorists continue to migrate to and exploit various other social media platforms. We hope that those platforms can learn from and emulate what YouTube is doing to proactively identify and remove extremist content.”

This is a grave injustice to the many victims of terrorism since 9/11.

Meanwhile, Greenblatt’s social and news media content is a relentless torrent of calls to censorship and reminders to everyone that white racism is the greatest evil on the planet and only people like Jonathan can lead the fight against it.

Greenblatt’s response to African-Americans like Kanye is not that they aren’t being persecuted. Instead, his response is that their true persecutors are white people.

Greenblatt hates any white person who doesn’t kowtow to political correctness.

However men like Greenblatt misrepresent him, Kanye is not calling for another Holocaust. Kanye’s response to comments about the Holocaust is instead that black Americans, who he rightly sees as his people, are being holocausted every day at Planned Parenthood centres.

Given that 20 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 in America it’s hard to fault his logic, even if we disagree with his tone.

The appellation frequently given to Fuentes when he is mentioned by the ADL, which is often, is that he’s a Holocaust denier.

Again, this is a falsehood. Fuentes doesn’t deny that the Holocaust occurred. He disputes the official numbers, and as always he does so in a mocking tone because that’s how he treats every topic. Of course, this is insensitive and likely hurtful to many people, but just because some speech might be hurtful to some people does not mean anyone saying it should have their life ruined.

Each ethnic group remembers their historical catastrophes, which is entirely appropriate. All of them are worthy of commemoration, and where necessary and appropriate, of repentance by those who actually committed them.

Thanks to the cultural power of organisations like the ADL, such legitimate questions are treated as equivalent to calling for harm against Jews. No distinction is made between legitimate and constructive debate and the rantings of the true anti-Semites, who do exist and are loathed by everyone sensible.

The ADL, of course, doesn’t want constructive debate. They want any discussion of these topics limited to crazy, angry people covered in tattoos and waving swastikas. That way, the ADL keeps getting funded by concerned members of the Jewish community, politicians keep passing legislation limiting freedom of speech and association and men like Greenblatt stay rich and powerful.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that Greenblatt wields enormous power. Billionaires tremble at his approach.

Kanye and Fuentes argue that power is being abused. Many agree. Perhaps if organisations like the ADL didn’t have the outrageous power they do, then more sensible and measured people would start to join the discussion and we could reach a less censorious and divisive approach to these issues.

And that’s the last thing organisations like the ADL seem to want.

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