Carbon isn’t making the planet hotter. The sun is making it cooler.

These were the scenes at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort in Victoria last week.

Snow at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort last week

Remember how when there were bushfires and heatwaves in summer, all we’d hear about from the lying press was climate change?

Whenever it’s a heat event, climate change is behind everything wrong in the world.

Climate change causes inflation. Climate change is why economists are always wrong. Climate change killed the dinosaurs. Climate change is spreading COVID. Climate change is why we won’t have things in shops anymore. Climate change requires more girls in education. Climate change is making summer hot.

But the thing is, it’s not getting hotter. It’s getting colder. By mid-November this year, winter was hitting North America hard early with temperatures significantly below average. The winter we just had here was also colder for longer. In the neighbourhood around our house, locals were running out of firewood before the cold was done with us.

The signs are everywhere for those of us not brainwashed by the global warming propaganda. Australia just recorded its equal lowest-ever summer temperature when it got down to -7C at Perisher last Friday. Our winter this year was so obviously colder than usual that the propaganda had to address it. Temperatures in Australia have been anomalously low all year.

GFS 2m temperature anomalies Dec 17

At the same time, the UK Met Office has issued multiple warnings across Britain for extreme cold today, with temperatures across Britain already struggling to get above 0C in the daytime.

Power prices across the UK are at record highs thanks to the sub-zero temperatures hitting the region so early this year.

This is occurring at the same time Oxfordshire is introducing the initial stages of climate lockdowns – to stop the planet warming!

Despite what the academics who never go outside are telling everyone, it’s undeniable now. The planet is in a cooling trend.

The greenhouse effect theory has failed. If a theory cannot account for the data, it must be rejected. That used to be called ‘science’.

There is another theory, however, that can account for all the climatic weirdness and extremity we’re experiencing.

Solar cooling.

It’s the sole theory that can account for not only the scientific data but the historical data as well.

For as long as humans have been around, the solar cycle has been in charge of our destiny. Although geographic features have favoured the development and expansion of civilisation in certain places, impacting factors such as IQ and resource distribution, it has been the solar cycle that has determined whether human societies flourished and expanded or collapsed and contracted at any given period in time.

Although human history is far older and more elaborate than the academics admit, the mainstream consensus is that recorded history in Eurasia at least began around 6000 years ago when humans all of a sudden began to congregate along the rivers of West, South and East Asia. This occurred in places such as Egypt and Mesopotamia due to the end of the African humid period; an 8000-year-long timespan during which the Sahara and the Middle East were warm and wet and verdant and green.

When the region dried out, it became cooler, drier and harsher for humans. Hence, the transition away from hunter-gathering, the establishment of settlements along rivers and the beginnings of agriculture.

How could this have occurred if carbon is the key driver of global climate?

If the climate was static before we started burning coal and oil, how could such massive transitions have been occurring?

Global warming theory can’t answer these questions.

Natural climatic fluctuations are the key to understanding what drives history. The Romans flourished due to the Roman Warm Period of 250 BC to 400 AD. Their western empire collapsed due to the Late Antique Little Ice Age in the 6th and 7th centuries AD. During these periods of abrupt global cooling, wars, famines, natural disasters and plagues occur to cull the herd and topple governments.

The pattern repeats until we reach the Modern Solar Maximum of the 20th century. This ended around the year 2000, which is shortly before the globalists had to start fudging climate data to make it seem like the warming trend was continuing to the present.

It’s not.

This cycle of warming and civilisational expansion and cooling and catastrophic stress can be mapped onto a chart of sunspot observations, which are a proxy for the energy output of the sun.

Sunspot occurance correlates with the solar energy cycle

The pattern is clear. It is the sun that determines the rise and fall of civilisation. Ominously for us today, we’re coming out of a period of benign solar activity and heading into a period of solar energy decline.

If you want a grand theory for why the economic, political, cultural and geopolitical order we’ve lived through all our lives is falling apart, this is it.

The sun drives the rise and fall of civilisations. This brief period of modern prosperity we have experienced has been a derivative of that cycle. Now, the solar cycle is beginning a long-term decline.

That means we are, too.

Buckle up. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

This article was first published in Collapsitarian