The laptop story coverage tells you everything you need to know about the journalistic integrity of large media outlets in this country.

It turns out that the party who spent four years accusing President Trump of Russian collusion performed a massive cover-up for Joe and Hunter Biden heading into the 2020 election that they have yet to be held accountable for. Go figure.

I remember speaking to my father around the time of the election about the Hunter Biden laptop story, where presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son’s laptop was found to contain proof that the former Biden sold his influence to China while his father, the latter Biden, was Vice President of the United States.

And in the midst of an ongoing media cover up of that story, I also remember talking to my father about former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski coming forward and blowing the whistle on the Bidens in an effort to get the public to take notice.

Instead, Bobulinski was only given airtime by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and was otherwise shunned and ignored by the rest of the left-leaning media.

Source: Fox News

We both had watched Bobulinski’s interview and found him to be extremely credible.

I remember my father saying that the censorship of the story and the story itself could, combined, be the biggest political scandal of all time. This caught me by surprise because my father, who has voted both Democrat and Republican over the last handful of elections, has lived through quite a few scandals.

But now I understand what he was getting at. Selling your influence to China while running for President is a big deal. The media covering up that story completely in the United States in the midst of the election? An even bigger deal.

Source: NBC News

Because when you step back and objectively examine the issue of Joe Biden’s business dealings in China, it appeared that he was actually engaged in the types of conflict of interest that his party spent four years accusing President Trump of. Again, go figure.

And then there was the laptop. After the New York Post broke what should have been a Pulitzer worthy story that Biden’s son had a laptop filled with incriminating evidence (in addition to dick pics taken while smoking crack with hookers), the story was promptly blackballed in the mainstream media and was talked about nowhere other than conservative news outlets.

In fact, the mainstream media didn’t even give the story one shred of an objective chance. Half of the liberal media organizations covered the story as Russian disinformation, while the others didn’t carry it at all.

Here’s what coverage at the time looked like:

The story was literally laughed off of TV and television as some kind of conspiracy theory.

Even social media companies were censoring posts about the issue, despite being reported as national news by the New York Post.

Source: NPR

And then a funny thing happened when the nation didn’t have access to what would turn out to be highly credible information: Joe Biden got elected president and, several months later, Politico reported that some parts of the laptop, including emails at the “center” of the controversy, were credible – a far cry from writing off the laptop as Russian disinformation.

Source: Politico

In March 2022, the New York Times also admitted that the laptop story was authentic.

Casually linking back to its October 2020 story casting doubt on the laptop, in a new, 2022 story about the Justice Department’s ongoing inquiry into Hunter Biden, the New York Times wrote:

People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity. Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.

For a party that is always crowing about transparency and democracy – and a party that constantly labored on about the importance of freedom of press during the entire Trump administration – the liberal media did an abhorrent job of missing what would have objectively been an earth shattering story ahead of a presidential election.

And that tells you everything you need to know about the journalistic integrity of large media outlets in this country right now. As my mom would rightfully say, “Every station has an agenda – the left-wing ones and the right wing ones.”

But perhaps this “agenda” could have just meant that MSNBC or CNN actually covering the laptop story with a bit more of a favorable spin for Biden; it shouldn’t mean totally ignoring the story ahead of an election and pretending like the events in question simply never happened, right?

The worst part is this type of behavior from media isn’t just this one story. We’re seeing all types of narratives being protected and facts being ignored when it comes to the pandemic. For instance, look at what an absolutely batshit crazy job the hysterical media did covering ivermectin after Joe Rogan got Covid. People were banned from social media and scorned for suggesting the virus may have come from a lab. Now, it’s the media’s leading hypothesis.

The point is that the laptop story was objectively a material story, no matter what party you belong to. At some point, one would hope that the story’s merits would move the needle far enough that even left-wing news organizations would have given it perfunctory coverage.

Instead, they did something nefarious: they covered it up.

And while anybody with common sense at the time would’ve told you that the laptop story was likely true (who is going to fake 200 photos of a presidential candidate’s son smoking meth in his underwear?), admitting it now after the fact, as the President’s son parades around selling his “art” for $500,000 a clip, is both insulting to our intelligence and embarrassing for your respective news organizations.

Finally, remember every time the left tries to lecture you on the importance of journalism and accountability, maybe you can kindly ask them to start by examining the organizations who were never held accountable for ignoring what my dad rightfully referred to as “one of the biggest political scandals of all time”.

It’s a great time for the media that spent four straight years focused on pointing the finger at former President Trump for anything and everything to realize that three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Like many on the left, they’ve become what they claim to hate.

This article first appeared at QTR’s Fringe Finance