Make no mistake, there’s a war on.

Not just in our shopping centres over Australia Day decorations, but in our kindergartens, schools, and universities.

Our local councils, parliaments, public service departments, and corporate boardrooms have become the Pashendale, Tobruk, Long Tan, and Uruzgan of Western Civilisation.

This is not a fight against poverty, homelessness, or for better healthcare in remote areas.

War is being waged against the Australia you and I call home.

However, this war isn’t yet fought with guns and bombs.

And the most dangerous foes are not Islamic terrorists or Chinese communists.

Rather, the enemy is right here among us. The enemy is an aggregation of malignant elements:

– Morbid decadence corroding our cultural, social, and political elites.

– Targeted deconstruction of civil society by domestic terrorists, Socialists and Marxists.

– Historical ignorance, political illiteracy, and stupefying consumerism among citizens.

– Totalitarian, quasi-religious fads instigated by a NeoFeudal global elite.

– Balkanisation through relentless mass-immigration from hostile cultures.

The combined impact of these elements can appear overwhelming.

Those of us guided by conservative and classic libertarian values, Australians who wish to preserve the foundations of Western civil society, may feel frustrated and abandoned by our political leaders.

During the slow news days leading up to 26 January, an assortment of nose-ringed moonbats, race-shifting pretendians, and third-rate academicos scrambled to the stage and called, once again, for the scratching of Australia Day.

 This goes hand in hand with demands for a different flag, a new national anthem, the abolition of Australia as a western nation based on Judaeo-Christian values, and the establishment of some form of nativist socialist republic, led by a cabal of WEF aficionados, race-shifters, and Bollinger Bolsheviks.

And every year, a larger segment of the corporate establishment follows this call for societal suicide.

 Australia Day has become a rallying point for anti-Western activists, sneering elites, and malignant globalists.

If we leave the field to these forces of madness and evil, it won’t be long until our country is gone.

 The deconstruction of Australia Day is merely a proxy, a further step towards their Final Solution: The Democratic People’s Republic of Australia.

 What can you do?

 Here are five activities you can start today to fight back:

 1.       Become politically informed and help to inform others. Knowledge is power.

2.       Join a conservative activist group or established political party.

3.       Engage your local councillors, MPs and Senators. Let them hear not only your views, but instruct them what you want them to do.

4.       Invest time and money to advance campaigns and support good candidates.

5.       Spend your money with friendly or neutral suppliers and merchants.

 This brings us to this year’s Australia Day, and the sorry tale of Woolworths, BigW, and other corporations.

Many of those companies are now influenced by the ‘Diversity, Equality, Inclusion’ (DEI) activists among their HR and media staff, and on their boards.

 Don’t be fooled by their pronouns and letters behind their names.

 These are the same unemployable social science graduates, unfit to work in any productive role.

 However, for the moment, they have the ears of our elites.

 They’ll jump on another woke bandwagon in February.

 So let’s celebrate Australia today.

 And then get into the fight.

 Happy Australia Day.

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