This month has seen most extraordinary social and political changes.

Australia has finally ordered nuclear-powered submarines and terminated the French diesel- deal. With the threat of Chinese aggression becoming more likely, at last the defence department is replacing ‘diversity, equality and quotas’ with submarines, artillery, and action-ready personnel.

The world witnessed the Afghanistan-failure at the hands of the mentally deficient President in the White House. The removal of US troops was also a removal of 20 years of freedom for Afghani women and girls, and a return to Islamic extremism and barbarianism. Did Americans really vote for such a dangerously incompetent head of state? Perhaps it is time to voice what many already know; the US election WAS stolen!

Recent scenes from Melbourne of CFMEU members storming their union headquarters after being sold out by their leader, the scene of an old woman knocked to the ground and pepper- sprayed in the face by police at a Freedom Day rally, and thousands of public servants soon to lose their jobs, because of their medical choices….is a sign that not all is well in the Land Down Under!

Our PM who promised us that ‘vaccines will NOT be mandatory – that is not how we do things in Australia; is now supporting and encouraging quite the opposite! ‘Mandatory vaccination via proxy’ thru businesses and support for vaccine passports are a contradiction of his earlier statements and an anathema to Liberal Party values of; smaller government, support for business, freedom of speech, medical choice and freedom of religion, secure borders, and the rule of law…. but here we are today witnessing a very different scenario! 

The virus that has resulted in a worldwide tsunami of lock-downs, economic destruction and governmental over-reach has been exposed as a planned pandemic! Yes…. It IS a scam of criminal proportions according to a growing number of lawyers, economists, scientists, and medical experts. For a virus that is similar to a bad flu it has resulted in what many experts believe is the most blatant of human rights abuses since the end of WWII hostilities.

This is a serious claim and one that may take years to prove! 

Currently the UK House of Lords is conducting an inquiry into the cost of Net Zero. John Constable of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has questioned the UK Government’s cost of achieving Net Zero, claiming it is significantly underestimated, citing former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lawson’s suggestion that the cost will be 2 to 3 times the estimate of 1. 4 trillion pounds.
Running out of gas as the cost of energy hits record highs – Europe is facing a “power crunch”— one that has been years in the making.

Volatility has brought higher prices, hitting record highs across Spain, Germany, and France. Residential users, meanwhile, bear the brunt of the cost.  

In the same way that our health bureaucrats are learning from the UK and Europe in relation to COVID-19, we should also be observing and taking note of  failures elsewhere in the push for renewable energy.
There is still time for Australia to focus on the use of our abundant, high-quality coal and uranium resources to deliver reliable, affordable and dispatchable electricity to meet our needs into the future.
Watch video evidence here: 

Clive Palmer will take the WA government to court over their plan to limit entry to only those vaccinated against the CCP virus.

In addition, he has offered to fund a class action over vaccination passports.

The cases will ask the High Court of Australia to determine whether recent government actions to contain the CCP virus and protect residents, can be justified under the Australian Constitution.

Professors Augusto Zimmermann and Gabriël Moens, also recently argued that the Constitution must always be interpreted in a manner that promotes its purposes, values, and principles, which includes fundamental rights for citizens.  

Watch this space!

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On compulsory vaccinations, it is an individual’s right to decide whether to have the vaccine.

At one level it is simple enough. Each person has the right to refuse medical treatments. The Nuremberg Code would seem to support that right but, as with many legal provisions, it is not clear cut.  

The Nuremberg code refers to (medical) experiments. Are the COVID vaccines experimental?

Professor of Bioethics at the University of Sydney, Angus Dawson, said “It is true that a choice not to be vaccinated may mean that you do not have access to certain benefits, but this is not coercion, as such.”   Notice the sleight of hand, when things you might have regarded as being part of your individual rights as a citizen are being described as “benefits”.  
And, moreover, that the denial of these so-called benefits is not coercion.  

Really? Not coercion? It’s akin to blackmail pure and simple.
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A legal challenge to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for some NSW workers has been launched in the state’s highest court, as virus infections continue to climb.

Sydney solicitor Tony Nikolic filed the suit against Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant in the NSW Supreme Court.

Law firm Ashley, Francina, Leonard and Associates argue the public health orders requiring “a broad class of workers” be vaccinated is illegal and unconstitutional, as are the extra powers granted to police to enforce public health orders.

“It is our view that vaccine compulsion strips citizens of their basic human rights, including their right to work, their right to bodily integrity and their right to informed consent to medical treatment without coercion.”

*Case commences 30th September*

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Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee lead by German lawyer Dr Reiner Fullmeich, has heard experts and witnesses on a wide range of issues concerning the virus, crisis management and consequences. In particular, the collateral damage of the lockdown – little evaluated to date – has been examined in greater detail.

The sessions are led by lawyers experienced in litigation.

A comprehensive final report with transcribed passages from the meetings and evidence is in progress.  All individuals involved are committed to the principles of scientific evidence and are willing to engage in factual discussion on the various topics without personal, scientific, or economic conflicts of interest.

So far their investigations have expsosed  a planned pandemic – years in the making, with evidence of 73 patents filed on the SARS Cov-2 virus ( it is neither new nor novel as claimed) and economic, social and medical ‘interference’ on a global scale  

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Even those already vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Pfizer should be aware that the emergence of new virus variants has hindered efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from vaccines and rendering current vaccines less effective.

Furthermore, SARS-CoV-2 is likely to become endemic with the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants, reinforcing the urgent need to develop effective and safe antiviral therapeutic treatment agents.

Currently only two COVID-19 treatment-drugs are approved by the TGA in Australia;  Remdesivir and Sotrovimab.

The WHO and other medical experts, however, advise against Remdesivir, because of ineffectiveness and side effects, but the TGA has not changed its approval.

Sotrovimab is a novel monoclonal antibody treatment with 79% efficacy in preventing hospitalisation and death in covid infected patients. 

As with every medical procedure….with risk must come choice!

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Australian governments are now imposing vaccination targets as the way out of lockdowns.
They have also decided that people who choose not to get vaccinated will have their basic rights restricted.
The PM has indicated that the unvaccinated must be treated differently.

In practice, this means that the unvaccinated will have fewer freedoms to travel and to get together with their loved ones, or even to go to restaurants and attend football matches”he said.
But his comments and these restrictions breach citizens’ rights protected in the  Australian Constitution.

1:   Section 51(xxiiiA) 2:  Section 92 
3:  Section 117 

Vaccine passport restrictions unconstitutionally impinge on the democratic principle of equality before the law and the free movement of Australian citizens within their own country. 
So what the ‘bloody-hell’ are the PM and the State Premiers doing?   
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Recent anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne have been met with an array of colourful accusations from authority figures in the state of Victoria, including labels such as “anti-vaxxers,” “conspiracy theorists,” “far-right extremists,” and “man-baby Nazis.

The fallout we see today, is that individuals who advocate for ideas outside of prevailing narratives—including around vaccine mandates or lockdowns—are considered ‘abnorma’ or are characterised as having serious personality or mental issues.

Without realising it, we have allowed the Authoritarian Personality to become the guiding light of Western institutions.

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Apparently, politicians like their newfound dictatorial powers to act as slave masters… and one in Australia has decided that non-vaccinated people (the ones who can see for themselves that the vaccine is deadly and ineffective) will not be able to buy and sell, or receive healthcare.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews made the headlines again over his latest outrageous pandemic rule.

Freedom as defined by access to medical treatment, the ability to work, shopping, attending events and engagement in the economy writ large, will not be permitted for any non-vaccinated citizen.

Anyone who is not vaccinated will remain in locked-down isolation as enforced by the state.

Will we see a mass exodus of Victorians to other states…or nations?

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On April 20, UK-based attorneys Melinda C. Mayne and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page “Request for Investigation” to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In the request, the duo accused members of the UK government and its advisors of being complicit in crimes against humanity, genocide, and breaches of the Nuremberg Code in the name of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines.

Mayne and McCallum were joined by lawyers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and France to file a joint claim, asking the ICC for a moratorium on “the entire COVID-19 vaccine program” in all four nations, as well as ending the testing of asymptomatic people.

Another interesting development to watch!

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“The mission of the Digital Transformation Agency ( DTA ) is to drive and secure the Australian Government’s investment in Australia’s digital future”

The 6 keys to success provide the key areas of focus to support existing digital platforms, and to enhance governance, processes, and capabilities in order to maintain and sustain a growing portfolio of digital platforms.

Australians have become conditioned to higher levels of surveillance throughout the ‘pandemic’; QR codes, credit cards, online shopping, planned vax-Pasports, and their Medicare records linked to a new ‘Digital Wallet’ announced by the PM.

We suspect there is MUCH MORE planned for this new digital space! ALL your personal information (incl. banking) will be accessible by government across multiple platforms.

Is this the beginning of a hyper-surveilled and controlled state?  

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The TGA has also issued ‘provisional determination’ approval for 3 other treatment drugs; Mulnupiravir, Redanvimab and Ronapreve.

 A 13 September Nature Report on Merck’s drug Molnupiravir while sounding positive warns “The potential off-target effects will require further investigation”.

Celltrion’s monoclonal antibody drug Redanvimab, administered by I.V. infusion pump was recently granted provisional determination by the TGA on 20th August.

It appears to be effective in treating many strains of the coronavirus infection.

Roche’s drug Ronapreve is licensed for ’emergency use’ to treat or prevent acute COVID infection in 20 countries including the US, Japan and India. Administered by injection or infusion, the report says “this therapy is likely to be most beneficial for those with compromised immune systems and those with immunodeficiency disorders.”.

Links are available to all 3 however we supply only one.

Read more about Ronapreve here: 


World Life Expectancy provides an excellent simulation of historical averages of deaths around the world.  It also demonstrates the number of deaths from COVID, before and after vaccine rollouts against historic averages of death from other causes.

The website is interactive – you can choose any nation. 

To 26/9/21 the major cause of death in Australia based on historic averages was:

Coronary Heart Disease:  41,045 deaths
COVID:                               1,231 deaths 

The Australian government’s response to the SARS Cov-2 virus appears to be totally disproportionate to the risk of dying from COVID ( compared to other diseases). COVID  still remains the lowest cause of all deaths in Australia!

The statistics also demonstrate the effectives of vaccines, in highly vaccinated nations such as Israel and the UK.  Interesting to note that COVID deaths increased exponentially AFTER mass- vaccination commenced in early 2021 in both nations.

1: Will Australia experience similar results?

2: Will higher rates of vaccination produce higher rates of COVID cases and deaths?

3: Is natural immunity (in recovered COVID patients) better than injected immunity from vaccination?

These figures would suggest so!

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We have watched in dismay escalating police violence against unarmed civilians in Victoria. The world is watching in shock! This is evidence of a collective failure by the states and federal government, and the Prime Minister in particular. Such brutality cannot be justified under ANY emergency powers, let alone state Public Health Orders. The PM has been missing in action; he has refused to stand up for the values of the Liberal Party and appears to support the destruction of our democracy.

The PM has lost control of the nation. He is seen as duplicitous and weak.

The National Cabinet has given state and territory premiers extraordinary and unconstitutional powers. The Prime Minister has failed to lead the cabinet.

This government CANNOT BE SUPPORTED unless there is a distinct change in direction, an acknowledgement of human rights abuses, and a return to the rule of law.

Watch this haunting video of the ‘new’ Australia 


We refer to a report from Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS, a Department Of Defence Military doctor in the US who details vaccine damages in her patients (Airforce pilots), assesses the high risk of vaccinated military pilots on active duty, and who calls for an injunction on the vaccine rollout. 

Dr. Theresa Long’s report includes risk assessments that calculate the (únacceptable levels of) risk from vaccine-damaged active personnel operating military aircraft and hardware, and cases of vaccine-induced permanent disability and death in her patients. 

However, despite mounting evidence of vaccine harm and warnings from medical experts around the world – our governments push these experimental vaccines with evidential adverse impacts!  At the same time,  the TGA places a ban on Ivermectin – a safe and effective, alternative treatment for COVID-19.

Mandating vaccination breaches the Bio Security Act 2015, the Australian Constitution and several international treaties. ALL medical procedures are VOLUNTARY under the law. 

The government CANNOT BE SUPPORTED unless there is a distinct change in direction, an acknowledgement of human rights abuses (thru supporting vaccine mandates) and a return to the rule of law.

NB: Since creating this post, the full report has been removed from the internet!

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  Video: Craig Kelly delivers 2nd reading of anti-COVID-coercion bill  

Once again this month we attempt to bring you an overview of the big news items and present alternate information on controversial topics. We leave YOU to draw your own conclusions armed with knowledge from different respectives. In an age of censorship, media misinformation and government overreach, it is important to keep an open mind, and STOP believeing everything the MSM or the government tells you.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep being informed.

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