Alicia Clarke bashed by a Muslim in St Louis

By Robert Spencer

Hassan is a Muslim migrant from Somalia. He lives in St. Louis. He is fifteen years old and six feet tall.

He has broken into his neighbor’s home three times. He has attacked that neighbor and stabbed her in the head with a screwdriver.

He has broken into another neighbor’s house as well. But even after all that, he walked free.

You see, Hassan reportedly has an IQ of 49, which means he is incompetent to stand trial, which in St. Louis (and no doubt elsewhere) means that he can walk around loose and victimize whomever he wants.

On top of that, he is a Somali Muslim migrant. To be tougher on him would be “Islamophobic.”

The neighbor he attacked, Alicia Clarke, says she is now “not feeling safe” and, because Hassan was set free, feels as if she has been “failed by the system.”

What Alicia Clarke does not apparently realize is that failing her and people like her, and protecting and coddling people like Hassan, is what the system is all about today.

The current system is the handiwork of Leftist practitioners of identity politics who, quite simply, value Hassan more than they do Alicia Clarke.

This is because he is black and she is white, and because he is a Muslim and she is not, and because he is a migrant and she is an American.

The architects and guardians of the current system don’t care that after Alicia Clarke was savagely beaten and stabbed by Hassan, he walked free.

It’s simply the price of the diversity that is our strength, and that we all must celebrate.

According to St. Louis’ KSDK, Clarke’s encounter with the diversity that is our strength, and the refugees who are welcome because it would be xenophobic and racist to refuse them, was perhaps not as magnificent as such encounters are supposed to be.

Consequently, KSDK helpfully did not bother to inform its readers that Hassan was a Muslim migrant at all. Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, after all.

In KSDK’s account, Clarke found that her phone had been stolen and traced it, using Find My iPhone, to the backyard of her neighbor.

The culprit, according to KSDK, had no distinguishing features whatsoever other than being a “6-foot teen.” Probably a white supremacist, right?

He certainly behaved like the establishment media’s picture of the most ardent Trump supporter.

Clarke recalled: “He knocked me down, pulling my hair, kicking.” When he finally stopped, Clarke called the police. But then her tormenter came back:

“I am on the phone with St. Louis police dispatch,” she said, “making my way to my backdoor, when he comes back with a weapon.

He is on top of me. There was blood everywhere. I was literally fighting for my life at that point.”

Hassan had come back with a screwdriver, and stabbed Clarke in the head and face with it. Alicia Clarke’s sister, Andrea Clarke Flatley, wrote on Facebook that the attacker gave his sister a broken nose.

She also noted that Alicia Clarke now has “staples in her head and stitches to the puncture wound under her eye” as a result of the attack.

Flatley noted the attacker’s first name of Hassan, and said that he was “a 15 year old refugee from Somalia who lives with his family. He is 6’ and approx 175lbs, much larger than my sister.”

The young diversity counselor was eventually arrested, but surely he had been through enough in war-torn Somalia, right?

A juvenile court quickly dismissed the case against Hassan. “The most hurtful thing of all of this, is the dropped charges,” said Clarke. “That was much more hurtful than the physical assault.”

KSDK noted that “a juvenile court official said a staff attorney dropped the case before even going to the judge.

The courts weren’t able to comment specifically on this incident, since it involves a juvenile.

Clarke said she was told her accused attacker was found incompetent to aid in his own defense because he has an IQ of 49.”

Flatley stated that Hassan “has broken into Alicia’s car 3 different times and broken into another neighbor’s house.

The police were involved every single time and reported that nothing could be done since he was a minor. Surely this time would be different, though.”

No such luck. Hassan’s IQ of 49 allowed him to skate, and it no doubt helped that he was a Muslim migrant as well.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Sakina Ahmad, formally dismissed the charges. Said Flatley: “We never entered a courtroom, saw a judge, nothing.

Hassan was able to go home with a family member. He likely left the building as a free person before we even learned all the above information.

The prosecutor sympathized with our frustration and explained that because he is a mentally handicapped, juvenile refugee, every safeguard available is to his benefit and to Alicia’s detriment.

She went on to tell us, VERBATIM, that even if Alicia had been KILLED, the outcome would be the same and that this case would be dismissed.”

It didn’t take long, however, for Hassan to suggest that the system’s faith in him was misplaced.

Said Flatley: “It only took the kid 4 days to violate the restraining order,” and “SLMPD and SWAT stormed his house and took him back into custody.”

That’s good, but it doesn’t address the larger problem.

The system that failed Alicia Clarke doesn’t just protect people like Hassan; it produces them, by again and again allowing them to break the law and suffer no consequences whatsoever.

Whether or not Hassan really has an IQ of 49, he should never have been walking around free after his first few offenses.

But Muslim migrants are a protected class in America today. The establishment media avoids reporting on anything that might reflect poorly upon them.

Law enforcement authorities are afraid to take any action that might be construed as “Islamophobic.”

And so, there was no justice for Alicia Clarke. She ran into a young man who has a license to commit crimes. And there are many others like him.

This post was reproduced from Frontpage Mag with kind permission.

I have also done something I would not normally do. I have included a few of the comments from the original site as they are highly relevant. Perhaps these anecdotes from readers are all figments of their imagination but if so, there are some talented fiction writers here who all seem to have very similar stories. I will leave it to the reader to decide –  Harry

swole@516 • 3 days ago 

Good morning folks,

I was in law enforcement for many years. I can tell you first hand that short of committing murder, juveniles (anyone U/18) can get away with just about anything. At worst a slap on the wrist. And if you’re a minority, particularly black, the system bends over backwards to protect you. It’s extremely frustrating to arrest some 16-17 yr old kid, for a serious crime, only to see him back in school, or on the streets the next day, guffawing it up with his homeboys.

Remember the Obama policy that public schools must bring down the suspensions of black students? Whites and blacks have to be suspended at equal rates even if it’s not warranted. When you go soft on criminals, whether they be juveniles and black-Muslim, etc, you get incidents like Hassan assaulting this woman, or you get the Marjory Stoneman Douglas incident.

To give you a kind of funny example of how white guilt ridden liberals think here is an example: Our unit was conducting an operation where we would have to pick up juveniles for felony crimes. Most were hiding, never showed for court, had warrants out for their arrest. Crimes ranged from selling cocaine/marijuana, robbery, battery, grand theft, etc. So, hard core criminals, even though they were just juveniles.

We left in several groups of 2-4 to track these individuals down. When we made contact we brought the juveniles back to a center for processing. At the end of the day the center was filled with about 20-25 juvenile criminals. Take a guess what the demographics were? Yes. all black. I was standing by speaking with my sgt when this white, female, guilt ridden admin for the center, came up to myself and my sgt. She looked uncomfortable and fidgety. After a minute or so, while she scanned the room, she turned back to the sgt and said “Oh boy, this doesn’t look good. Is there any way you can pick up some white kids?”, “You know to make it look better or more even.”

Well, my blood was boiling and before I exploded the sgt said “Ms, we don’t pick and choose the color of kids with felony warrants for their arrest. We get the active pick up order signed off by a judge and go from there. We don’t ask if the kids are black or white. White kids aren’t committing these crimes, nor do they have warrants for their arrest. What would you like us to do? Arrest a white kid for being white?”

This is the lunacy we have today with the left. Now, with Muslims fighting over the top victim status, you can count on leniency towards Muslims, for crimes that there should be appropriate punishment for.

ConservativeNYC  swole@516 • 3 days ago

I did many years in the NYPD’s Warrant squad. On the rare occasion that I had a warrant for a white guy I’d breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that if I needed to use force there would be no charges of racism, bad press, protest marches, etc…

Wolfie02  swole@516 • a day ago

When I was in my 30’s, I worked for a private security company in Chicago. I supervised 25 accounts, and had 105 security officers to keep track of. But since my job took me into the city, I was required to respond to the CPD, if they required assistance.

One night, I got a radio call to go to the projects. Yep, I was headed to Cabrini-Green. When I arrived, there wasn’t a single radio car there. I slipped out the right side of the car, and immediately was opened fire on from several windows. After the first shot, the police arrived, and told me to cover them. I started firing at a window on the 3rd floor, facing North Avenue. The shooter was very active. I was using a S&W .375-maggie. I didn’t want to shoot anyone there (you know why), and so every time I saw the shooter start to come over the window sill to fire, I opened fire on the outer wall beneath his window, purposely shooting low to keep from hitting the shooter.

Long story short, NO ARRESTS were made, and the elderly woman having the heart attack … the reason for the response … died. The company car I was driving had two windows out, and another 22 bullet-holes in it (the thing actually still ran). My boss was not happy, the next day.

I don’t have to tell you why no arrests were made, from the content of your post.