The Voice is an attempted Coup by a group of Australians who want to set-up an Aboriginal Aristocracy.

Sounds like a Conspiracy Theory, I know, but as will be explained over the coming weeks, we here at Dark Emu Exposed are deadly serious and we will provide evidence over a series of posts to support our case.

In our opinion what we are seeing with the Voice process is a ‘Coup in Motion’, an Australian style, soft-coup, not with guns and hard violence, but with rhetoric, bullying and a low-information referendum.

In this post we will use the term, ‘The Voice’, to refer to the whole package of the Uluru Statement from the Heart – Voice, Treaty and Makarrata. This whole Uluru Statement package will necessarily follow and become law in stages once The Voice is enshrined into our Constitution after a successful referendum.

Thus, Australians need to take a step back and take a much broader view of The Voice proposal so they can fully understand what we are all really being asked to accept. This ‘generous offer’, as Prime Minister Albanese calls it, needs to be unpacked completely if we are to decide what it really means to the future of governance in our society and country.

The Voice as a Power Grab

When two commentators from opposites ends of the political spectrum both talk of The Voice in terms of a ‘grab for power’ – Waleed Aly [Ten’s The Project] who claimed that the ‘Statement from the Heart [The Voice] is a gift to the nation, not a grab for power; and Nyunggai Warren Mundine [CIS] who claimed that the ‘Voice to Parliament is a bureaucratic power grab’ – you can be sure that ‘power’, the ‘grabbing’ of it, and who will wield it, is more than likely at the heart of the Voice proposal.

It is our contention that proponents of the Voice like Waleed Aly recognise that, in essence, the Voice will mean that much greater power will accrue to an ethnic minority, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This power will be far in excess of what they could, or should, expect in a truly liberal democracy, which is based on equality for all, regardless of race or background.

Our nation has evolved over two-centuries to become one of the world’s premier, liberal democracies, where we are all equal citizens, with a one person-one-vote-system of power-sharing.

Voice proponents such as Aly therefore need to talk-down and discount the claims of those who are saying that our universal democratic rights are under threat by a power grab by a minority group of Australians.

Experienced commentators such as Mundine see things differently and recognise the Voice for what it is – a power grab by a constitutionally enshrined, Aboriginal bureaucracy of 24 appointed members.

This select ‘Group of 24’ and their supporters will hold massive power over the lives of not only the 3% of Australians who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, but also over the other 97% of Australians as well.

This new, self-appointed Voice Party will insert itself straight into the governance of our country.

This will be a major change in the way modern Australia has been traditionally governed.

If the referendum succeeds, absolutely no legislation will be developed, proposed or enacted without The Voice Party having a default power to demand on being consulted by, engaged with, listened to, and granting the final approval to, Australia’s parliament, government and the executive consisting of our ministers, public servants and statutory bodies.

Voice ‘designer’, academic lawyer Megan Davis confirms the Voice will have a huge power, where:

“The voice will be able to speak to all parts of the government, including the cabinet, ministers, public servants, and independent statutory offices and agencies – such as the Reserve Bank, as well as a wide array of other agencies including, to name a few, Centrelink, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority and the Ombudsman – on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This isn’t to be feared: as the Explanatory Memorandum says, the parliament will be able to set the procedure through which the voice’s representations are received, with the important caveat that the parliament won’t be able to stop the voice making those representations. It can’t shut the voice up”.

– Source: The Australian, 1 April 2023, here

It will be the end of the supremacy of Australia’s parliament at the core of our democracy as we have known it since Federation.

Instead, there will be a ‘new party’ In Canberra, a Group of 24 people, backed by the Constitution and the High Court, who will oversee and give, or withhold as the case may be, their seal of approval to any new laws proposed by the other 26 million of us.

A ‘power-grab by a group of Aboriginal Elites will thus have succeeded if the referendum is passed.

This article was first published in Dark Emu Exposed

Roger Karge BSc (Hons) Melbourne University is A 'Quiet Australian' based in Melbourne Australia, with a background in science and business, who edits the Dark Emu Exposed website. Inspired by thinkers who believe that facts are more reliable than empathy - Thomas Sowell, Douglas Murray, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Keith Windschuttle, Melanie Phillips, Frank Furedi, Jordan Peterson, et al. Currently working with a diverse network of people to get Australian politics and discourse back on track to its historical direction - that of a progressive, egalitarian, free-enterprise and aspirational society, dominated by working and middle classes, who believe in a fair-go for all in an open, democratic, sovereign Australia with freedom of expression and association.