Denunciations of the Dissenters

Taking a leaf out the international coup playbook, the Voice coup co-conspirators are hitting back.

Noel Pearson, echoing Stalin’s attack against formerly faithful Bolsheviks, has ‘denounced’ his former colleagues, Greg Craven and Julian Leeser, by claiming that he is,

‘ …“heartbroken” by the behaviour of opposition legal ­affairs spokesman Julian Leeser and his criticism of the voice. Mr Leeser has been publicly calling on the government to provide more detail on how the voice will operate with executive government.

“The idea we’ve ended up with is an idea we struck with ­Julian … We hammered it out at the Australian Catholic University on the north shore, in (constitutional expert) Greg Craven’s office, and I’m absolutely heartbroken over Julian Leeser’s ­behaviour in recent days and weeks. He’s disowning an idea that was very much a product of my engagement with constitutional conservatives, such as himself,” Mr Pearson told Sky News on Tuesday. “I think after all this, it’s going to be a great regret for him and for conservatives generally and for the Liberal and National ­parties.” (Source)

Prime Minister Albanese is also attacking former supporters of the Voice as they come to realise the dangers that this ‘coup’ represents for Australia’s governance. As reported in the SMH,

‘Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has demanded the opposition’s Indigenous Affairs spokesman [Julian Leeser] show the moral courage to back his long-held support for a Voice to parliament.

The prime minister, who has staked his political authority on the contentious referendum’s success, underscored the growing partisan gulf over the reconciliation push when he pointed at Coalition frontbencher Julian Leeser during question time and urged him to support the proposed Indigenous advisory body, as Leeser advised on the design of the Voice as a lawyer before entering parliament.’

SMH, 27 March 2023

We will continue to follow the developments in the Voice Referendum’s progress and report on any further evidence that we find that supports (or refutes) our thesis that it represents a ‘coup in motion.’

So stay tuned.

Voice to the Australian Parliament Or Coup D’état: Part 5 was first published in The Dark Emu Exposed

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