As the multi-year federal government cover-up of Biden family grifting collapsed, the Democrats, driven mad by their self-induced psychosis of Trump Derangement Syndrome, abandoned all rationality and common sense to double down on their political persecution of Donald J. Trump.

Their indictment of Trump for failure to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election is mindless.  The stupidity of the Democrats who wrote this indictment or who rave about it boggles the imagination.  Never have so many college graduates been so out of touch with reality.

According to the indictment, the grounds for prosecuting Trump are that he did not tell the truth about the legality of votes cast in that election and so acted fraudulently and in bad faith.  But such an indictment gives him a powerful defense: the truth.

He now has the right to argue in court — for the first time ever — that he told the truth about the 2020 presidential election.

In the previous cases brought in state courts to show fraud in the acceptance of ballots, Trump and his supporters were plaintiffs.  Thus, they had the duty to come forward with clear evidence of fraud, enough to get to a trial.  Such evidence they did not have, as it was in the possession of local election officials, who did not turn it over to Trump.  As a result, judges refused to let those cases go to trial, where evidence would be presented to a jury for their consideration.

Until today, there has been no court examination of relevant evidence on the legality of ballots counted and no court determination that the election was either fair or fraudulent.

Now Trump is the defendant, and in order to prove that he was a liar, the Department of Justice has the duty to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the election was fair.  As the defendant in a criminal case, Trump is presumed innocent and has the right to introduce evidence contradicting the government’s accusation that he was a liar.

The indictment against Trump thus allows him to put on the stand local election officials to testify under oath whether each vote counted under their supervision was cast by a living American citizen registered to vote and legally entitled to the privilege of voting.  If those witnesses can’t prove the validity of votes for Biden, then Trump will vindicate his assertion about the unfairness of that presidential election.

He can also put Mark Zuckerberg on the stand to testify to how much money he gave to finance the collection of ballots by Democrat operatives and how that operation worked in practice.  He can introduce Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules for jury consideration.  He can make a national spectacle of Democrat scheming and manipulation of ballots cast.

It will be the burden of the Democrats now to prove the validity of each and every vote recorded by state election officials.  If they can’t prove the legality of sufficient votes for Biden, then they would have no evidence that the election was actually honestly conducted and fair.  There would be no evidence to justify calling Trump a liar, and the grounds for his indictment would disappear into thin air, as just another “Big Lie” narrative made up by the progressive left.

This article was first published in American Thinker