Many constitutional lawyers and pundits have criticized the latest specious indictments of Donald Trump as being an attack on the Constitution and intentional election interference.  This premeditated debasement of the Constitution and the judicial process is indicative not just of the corruption within the Biden Administration but the depth of the quagmire in which this nation finds itself as the last bastion of recourse for the bulk of the American people, the judiciary, is within an election of being dominated by the radical Left.

Over the past sixty years while America slept and the citizenry reveled in unprecedented peace and prosperity, the Marxist/socialist movement, after decades of living in the shadows, has successfully infiltrated many of the nation’s vital institutions while promoting creeping immorality and societal corruption.

The institutions targeted by the American Marxists were those in the fields of education, entertainment, and the media.  The radical left knew that dominion over of these institutions would be the first step in achieving their ultimate goals: control of the Democrat Party, hegemony within the federal bureaucracy, and the domination of the judiciary.  Their success to date has been extraordinary.

Today, liberal (socialist) professors on college campuses outnumber conservatives by a ratio of 17 to 1 (in 1968 it was 2.7 to 1).  This same imbalance also infects the nation’s K-12 public schools through the radicalized teachers unions.  As a result, two generations of Americans have been subjected to unending socialist indoctrination and revisionist American history.

The media, including social media, is so dominated by the American Marxists that in 2020 90% of their individual and corporate political contributions went to Democrat party candidates.  The sole function of the legacy and much of social media today is to regurgitate the utterances and promote the policies of the Democrat Party hierarchy.

Another American institution that was once politically neutral, the entertainment industry, is now captured by the Left as nearly 90% of their political donations go to a radicalized Democrat party.  Over the past fifty years this once vital industry has degenerated into the propaganda arm of the American Marxists promoting their deviancy, corruption, and determination to undermine the culture and society.

While the Democrat Party has been increasingly leaning towards socialism since the days of Woodrow Wilson, it was the election of Barack Obama that was the catalyst into fully transforming the party into America’s Marxist/socialist party dead set on achieving one-party hegemony.  Additionally, Obama was determined to fill the judiciary with left-wing judges, and he succeeded  as virtually every one of his judicial appointments has revealed their bias and leftist ideology while serving on the various courts. 

Thanks to Donald Trump’s unexpected election win in 2016, Obama’s master plan was derailed by Trump’s Supreme Court, Circuit Court of Appeals, and District Court appointments.  Thus, the judiciary is the last of America’s vital institutions that has not fallen under the control of the radical left, but that eventuality is clearly on the horizon.

Joe Biden and Merrick Garland insisted upon the indictments of Donald Trump on obviously politically motivated and specious charges because they were confident that both federal law enforcement (the FBI) and the Washington D.C. District and Appeals Courts would be willing participants in their machinations as all are overwhelmingly dominated by leftists whose allegiance is to the Democrat Party.   

Their hubris also prompted the blatant attempt to hoodwink a federal judge in Delaware into blindly signing off on a de facto pre-emptive blanket pardon for Hunter Biden. Fortunately for the American people, the judge saw through their egregious charade and exposed their duplicity.  It was only the luck of the draw that Judge Maryellen Noreika was chosen to adjudicate the plea deal.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which has greenlighted all motions, requests, and recommendations from the Justice Department relative to the Trump investigations and has been extraordinarily punitive towards January 6th defendants, is made up of 15 judges.  Obama appointed seven and Biden will have appointed four to date or nearly 75% between them. The D.C Circuit Court of Appeals has a similar roster as Obama and Biden have thus far appointed seven out of 11 judges.

Joe Biden has followed in Obama’s footsteps nominating equally if not more ideologically bound radical left-wing judges. 

There are 667 District Court judges throughout the United States.  Obama and Biden (to date) have appointed 371 with 63 vacancies that Biden will, with a Democrat controlled Senate, fill before the end of his term.  Thus, between Obama and Biden they will have appointed 434 judges or nearly two-thirds.

Currently among Circuit Court of Appeals judges nearly half have been appointed by Republicans as have six of the nine Supreme Court justices.  Which is why the judiciary is currently the last bastion of the preservation of constitutional governance and liberty as well as the primary target of the American Marxists.

Based on historical averages, if Biden or any Democrat wins the 2024 election, they will appoint between 150-170 District Court judges and between 30-40 Circuit Court of Appeals judges by 2028.  Resulting in upwards of 595 out of 667 District Court judges (89%) and 126 out of 179 Circuit Court of Appeals judges (70%) being appointed by a Marxist-controlled White House since 2008. Thus, transforming the entire Federal Judiciary into a de facto enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. 

Additionally, the two oldest and most conservative Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, will be 80 and 78 years old respectively by 2028, thus opening up the distinct possibility of the Democrats appointing their replacements, thus, swinging the Court to the radical Left and abetting the implementation of the American Marxist political and societal agenda.

What is happening to Trump will not be limited to the Democrat’s political opposition, but it will be directed at virtually everyone who oppose the dictates and policies of a de facto one-party socialist state.

The desperate and preposterous indictments of Donald Trump must be a wake-up call to the American people, in particular Republican and Independent voters.  These unconscionable actions underscore the reality that is no longer hyperbole to say that the 2024 election is the most important since 1860.  As in 1860, in 2024 the future of this nation hangs in the balance. If the judiciary is captive to the Marxists, there is no turning back.

This article first appeared in American Thinker