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Does Obama pay for anything with his own money?

A memoir is a history of one’s past.  Mine includes attempts to reveal who Barack Obama really is — or isn’t.  I recently published my memoir at the age of eighty-one years: The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama

I have been chasing Obama since 2009, when I uncovered, while working as a licensed private investigator, that he has used a phony CT Social Security number his entire adult life.  I was undaunted when my lawsuit to keep him off the Ohio presidential ballot in 2012 was dismissed, even though it is illegal to use a false Social Security number.

My book contains other investigations, but I found more juicy information about Obama to include, especially about the alleged purchase of the Magnum P.I. property on Oahu.

I note specifically: Hawaii television station KHON2 announced on March 19, 2015 that Marty Nesbitt bought the Waimanalo property, made famous in the television show Magnum P.I. for $8.7 million and that he is the “sole investor.” 

Nesbitt said that Obama was not a party to the transaction. It was listed then under Waimanalo Paradise LLC and still is.  There was no sale to Obama.

But the news media informed us incorrectly in August 2022 that Obama had purchased that estate.  The original 9,000–sq. ft. house was razed and will be replaced by three houses.  The repair of a hundred-year-old seawall on the property, slipped through with the help of a legal loophole, has Hawaiians outraged.  They said it affected their beaches and the environment.

The papers for the property at 41-505 Kalanianaole Hwy. were signed by Judy Grimanis, Nesbitt’s assistant, who previously worked for Penny Priztker.  Priztker, whose brother is now Governor of Illinois, was a prominent Obama fundraiser and U.S. secretary of commerce under Obama. 

In 2012, Penny thought Obama was going to lose his re-election and was trying to enlist donors to cough up $35 million to buy Plantation Estate for him in Kailua, the place where the Obamas, the Nesbitts, Valerie Jarrett, Marian Robinson, and others celebrated Christmas every year on our dime.  No one would kick in.

According to IL recorder documents, he did not own the mansion at 5046 S. Greenwood Ave. in Chicago.  The house is owned by Homefront Holdings LLC, which does not even appear as a company on the IL secretary of state’s business website.  It bought the house on October 1, 2017 from ATG Trust Company for $1 and a Quit Claim Deed.  Although the filing said “Land Only,” it describes a 6,243–sq. ft building. 

Obama’s Kalorama house at 2446 Belmont Rd., NW in Washington, D.C., is owned by Homefront Holdings, although there is a claim that the Obamas control Homefront Holdings.  Since the property was purchased in 2020, an extra $5,000 has been tacked on each year as penalties for the late payment of $70,000 taxes due in 2021 and 2022.

And the $12-million property at 79 Turkeyland Cove, Edgartown, Mass., is listed in the name of James F. Reynolds, Trustee. 

Does Obama own anything?  Does Obama pay for anything with his own money?

This article was first published in American Thinker