Islam doesn’t want to share the world, but to BE the world.  Where it has strength, it seeks to make the lives of ‘People of the Book’ – Christians and Jews – so miserable that they will eventually convert, and meanwhile to feed on them economically.  Islam is by its very essence PARASITIC.  There’s even a whole chapter of the Koran (sura 8, chronologically the second one from Medina) called The Spoils.

Islamic doctrine teaches Muslims that they are superior and entitled to regard the property of kafirs (non-Muslims) as plunder to be taken.

A Dhimmi is a Christian or Jew living under Muslim domination.  He is a second class citizen whose life is forfeit unless he pays an annual poll tax, the Jizya.  This is a straightout exortion – a protection tax levied on non-Muslims living under Muslim control since they are not subject to zakat (alms tax paid by Muslims).  The jizya is much more severe than zakat. That said, a Dhimmi is a cut above polytheists such as Hindus, and animists, and Buddhists: Islam just wants them dead.

The concept of dhimmitude was established by the Pact of Umar ibn Khattab, second Caliph of Islam (634-644), after the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 636.  It has a canonical status in Islamic jurisprudence.   It contains a list of restrictive measures and prohibitions on non-Muslims living under Muslim control (dhimmis).   

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and some other Muslim countries subject Christians and Jews to draconian restrictions.  Examples:

  1. No churches or Bibles or Christian worship at all (even in your own home, in secret) in Saudi Arabia
  2. No repair or building of new churches
  3. Severe blasphemy law in Pakistan – often used unfairly against Christians
  4. Persecution of Copts and burning of their churches.

On a visit to Bulgaria in 2015, the writer took this photograph:


BRITISH PM David Cameron several years ago had the shameful stupidity to say “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian [euphemism for Muslim] way of life, and not the other way round.”   He failed to affirm and defend the core values of his own country!  How many of our other Western politicians, administrators, media and leftist academics are on the same self-destructive wavelength?

His successor Theresa May, ignoring the massive evidence of Muslim rape gangs, non-assimilation of many Muslims in Britain, and examples of hate preaching and terrorism, made this extraordinarily stupid statement of disdain for her own country’s native culture.

Now here are two examples from AUSTRALIA.  In 2016 then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten made these cringe-worthy statements:

Here are some displays of “gratitude” by Western politicians acting like Dhimmis:

  • President Obama’s speech in which he spoke of civilization’s debt to Islam. 
  • Sarkozy, as President of France:  “Islam is one of the greatest and most beautiful civilizations the world has known.”   REALLY?!
  • Mary Robinson, as President of Ireland, 2002:  “It is important to recognize the greatness of Islam, its civilizations and its immense contribution to the richness of human experience, not only … science and literature…”
  • Constant caving in to Muslim demands, like prayer rooms for all Australian Football League venues – at AFL expense.

And then there’s this positively execrable example both of dhimmitude and theological illiteracy from SWEDEN:

The article cited goes on to say:

This follows a trend in the Swedish Church to find common ground with Islam. During a church meeting last November, a motion to ban the Islamic call to prayer in Swedish cities was voted down, with some church officials saying it would be an “amazing” opportunity for more people to meet the “love of Allah.”
Meanwhile, attendance in the Church of Sweden has fallen dramatically, with many parishes unable to “make ends meet” according to a report which said the church will lose “well over one million members within a 10-year period.”

No wonder the Church of Sweden is dying.

We Need To Stand Up, Affirm And Defend WHO WE ARE

We must assert that we are a democratic and secular society that respects everyone’s human rights and dignity – and expects and demands that this respect be reciprocated. 
This does NOT mean that we must kowtow to barbarians who despise our own Western culture and values.

This article was first published in The Freedom and Heritage Society