It’s embarrassing.

It’s divisive.

It’s a disgrace.

And it’s a complete waste of your tax dollars.

The Department of Defence has today shown exactly how hypocritical it is. On the one hand it’s complaining that it doesn’t get its hands on enough of the taxpayer dollar. And on the other, it’s producing rainbow-encrusted cuff-links for homosexual soldiers.

And they are issued free of charge, even though they are not part of any uniform (yet).

It’s all part of the process of gaying the Army, unleashed by the former Labor Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith.

In fact, the Army is so interested in homosexuality that its latest tri-annual journal was devoted to analysing the role of homosexual culture in Australia’s military. In contrast, over the last decade this periodical has featured well over 300 articles but just a single one has explored the influence of Islamic thought on the adversaries Aussie Diggers have faced in two wars.

And that, right there, highlights the fundamental problem within the Department of Defence: it is more interested in social change than waging war.

The dearth of Islamic discussion in the Army Journal might be little short of criminal oversight, especially as it was written in this journal way back in 2005 that Western post-modern education prefers to study Islam without the sword and that “Middle Eastern religious networks are not well understood in Western culture.”

But its recent focus on promoting homosexuality within the ranks is purely and simply nothing more than radical, socially-progressive military propaganda.

Defence has been hijacked by activists who are not interested in fighting and defeating an enemy. Instead, they are focused on using Defence to promote their grotesque social agenda. That’s why the Army can’t tell you who the enemy is in Afghanistan and places Islam above criticism. But it can tell you that it encourages homosexual political activism and uniformed support of those who mock Christianity in Australia.

The Army’s decision to issue gay cuff-links and lapel pins to homosexual soldiers is the latest manifestation of this. And it’s occurring even though Defence’s own policy documents state that inappropriate advocacy of a particular sexual orientation is sexual harassment.

If there is one thing that inappropriately advocates a particular sexual orientation, it’s issuing jewellery to promote homosexuality – a concept that makes normal Australians shudder.