What kind of society gives $5,000 lump sum payments to women after an abortion? What kind of society pays out parental leave schemes to mums and dads who have willingly killed their child?

And, just for the record, I’m not talking about the early abortions here. I’m talking about late-term abortions, when limbs are formed, the heart is pumping, pain is present and the child is viable.

The answer to those questions is simple. Our society.

And why not? If the government has no problem with the killing of a child, then why would it baulk at handing over great wads of taxpayer cash afterwards.

But hold on, I hear you cry. Where is the proof this happens?

It is below.  Our society also has an obliging bureaucracy to assist and facilitate these post-abortion payments.

So we have this helpful cheat sheet from an abortion clinic. It details what answers should be given to claim the Baby Bonus Bereavement Payment – a payment meant to assist parents who have suffered from the death of child.

And if there is one thing that a ‘Pregnancy Advisory Centre’ produces in abundance it is parents who have suffered from the death of a child.

For a start, an information sheet helpfully informs the mum that she may get a trifle teary while filling out a form for baby-related payments when she has just killed her baby.

I don’t know about you, but I think it might be upsetting for Australians everywhere to realise that their taxes are being spent this way.

Then it states that the doctor performing the ‘procedure’ will need to sign the form. Just in case you don’t have the actual Baby Bonus Bereavement Payment form handy, what it means is that the doctor will need to certify that the baby was delivered ‘stillborn’.

And just in case you don’t know, the ‘procedure’ to deliver a ‘stillborn’ baby at a ‘Pregnancy Advisory Centre’ involves slicing the clumps of cells that look like little limbs off from the other clumps of cells that bear a remarkable resemblance to a baby’s torso and trunk. Then the big clump of cells that looks like a head is crushed. Finally, they are all put in a plastic bag and sent off to a medical waste facility.

And if you can find a ‘doctor’ that is willing to do this, then you will find someone who has no ethical dilemma whatsoever in stamping a government form to certify that a baby he has just dismembered has been delivered ‘stillborn’.

Next, this cheat sheet moves into specifics.

Question 33 asks for the child’s surname.

Question 35 asks for the child’s sex.

It states on the cheat sheet that questions 36 and 37 require the date of the ‘procedure’. What the actual form asks for is the date of the child’s birth and the date of its death. No point letting actual words with actual meanings get in the way of some government cash. And suffice to say, at abortion clinics the dates are pretty much always the same.

Question 41 asks if the claim is for stillbirth.

Question 42 is a real doozy. It asks if the birth of the child has been registered.

Normal parents claiming the Baby Bonus must register the birth of the child. For anyone who hasn’t had a child and gone through this process, it involves more forms, a fee and several weeks’ wait for some guy in an office somewhere to send you back a piece paper that ‘proves’ your child has been born.

But if you’ve had an abortion and want to claim the cash, all you have to do is tick the not required box. As an added bonus you get to skip a heap of questions that others must trawl through, like whether the child was aged 16-24 or whether you are the parent of the child.

Question 106 asks if the post-abortion parent is claiming the Maternity Immunisation Allowance. According to Centrelink, this is a non-income tested payment to encourage parents to immunise children. Apparently abortion clinics see no problem in claiming the payment even if there is no child to immunise.

Question  107 asks if the post-abortion parents are claiming the Baby Bonus.

So what we have here is proof that the pro-abortion crowd is happy to call a ‘foetus’ a ‘baby’ when it suits them. Like when money is involved.

And in exchange for dropping your foetus off at the Pregnancy Advisory Centre, you will be helpfully handed a cheat sheet detailing how you can claim a payment for a dead baby.

There is one other question not detailed on the cheat sheet that is worthy of examination. It is question 110 and it asks whether the post-abortion parent wants fortnightly payments or just one big lump sum. Just so you’re aware, parents of actual living children don’t get that second option.

Finally, while most of this cheat sheet has dealt with the Baby Bonus, it also makes it abundantly clear that Paid Parental Leave is also a claimable option following abortion.

And seeing as Julia Gillard was so happy to raise abortion as an election issue, she might just want to explain to the rest of us Australians why she deserves to be elected when her government oversees this absolutely evil system.



This information has been provided to me by a family hurt by abortion.

If you are struggling with support options to deal with pregnancy or the grief of abortion, there are many organisations that can assist. Just some are:

The Priceless Life Centre 1800 090 777
Rachel’s Vineyard 1800 063 510.