Last fall I poked the slumbering bear of the #ungovernble set by taking extreme umbrage with calling people “Sheeple.” For the record I absolutely detest that word.

Instead I shot back with a very reflexive, “Bullshit!” There are very few things that trigger me more than consigning 90% of humanity to that of herbivores orders of magnitude more stupid than my goats.

In that frustration I coined the phrase, “comfortable wolves.” Sometimes you just have what alcoholics call “a moment of clarity.”

In most situations, public conversations reveal the truth of who we are. Twitter is a one of the best mirrors of our true personality and state of mind than anything else devised yet, in my opinion. There is such a low barrier to contracting ‘foot-in-mouth disease’ that we all pass it around like 1st graders while generally acting like them in public.

This exchange revealed one person’s nihilism and condescension as defense mechanism while it revealed my stubbornness in believing we’re not all just quadriplegics in canoes headed for Niagara Falls.

This was an idea that quickly set my little corner of Twitter on fire, with two camps emerging quickly. You never know what is going to capture people’s imagination when you do this stuff for a living. But it seemed at the time that people were waiting for someone to stand up to the bullies doomporning it up all over social media and give them a little credit.

I still don’t think this idea is that far out there. Honestly, the more I think about it the more it should inspire people to action. You’re not a bad person, stupid or apathetic, you’re comfortable. You know it. I know it. I know what I am.

I’ve never agreed with Janis Joplin that “freedom is just another word for ‘nothing left to lose,’” but I empathize with the sentiment.

But at the heart of my observation is; who will you really become when you have nothing left to lose. Or better yet, where’s your loss threshold before the real you bares your canines?

Because that’s literally all I was saying. We all have a limit. And the idea that because your limit isn’t as low as mine or some rando on the intarwebz makes you a sheeple is exactly the type of condescending and unearned sense of entitlement that drives the very ghouls that are convening at Davos this week to force us to rebuild our trust in them.

We’re now into 2024. Davos is admitting that they finally have a real threat to their Great Reset agenda. They admitted it. And most people haven’t even begun to reach their limit yet. The ‘comfortable wolves’ metaphor is even more relevant today than ever before.

This is part of the reason why I think we’re now feeling the Great Acceleration. The operational tempo has risen sharply because time is running out on Davos before more wolves get the idea that these psychopathic Alpha wannabes aren’t all that powerful.

We only think they are.

Klaus Schwab and his pack believe themselves to be the Alpha wolves of the planet. They have zero restraints on their behavior and Schwab himself has no one to tell him, “No, this is a bad idea.”

Adam Savage gets it. This short bit of self-reflection is the key to understanding the insanity of Davos:

Schwab’s just the figurehead, the face of evil, not the evil itself. The people behind Schwab have curated at least two generations (likely a lot more) of psychopaths to run their “system” that they are trying to save this week.

It doesn’t matter if it’s newly resurrected David Cameron telling the delegation at the breakfast for Ukraine, “I have already told my American colleagues: you spent 10% of the defense budget, which made it possible to destroy 50% of Russian weapons without a single American life lost. This is simply an excellent result,” or Ursula Von der Leyen saying that the way to rebuild trust is to simply ban ideas that disagree with theirs.

Their responses always reveal equal parts bloodthirst and disdain. They forget the basic lessons of wolf culture, of course. When the Alpha is too abusive to the pack, the Omega is driven out to find a new pack to found.

Davos‘ desire for global control at its core, like those who believe 90% of humans are sheep, rejects the idea we are anything like wolves. There is no new pack to form. So, just stand in the bread lines, get your citizenship jabs, keep your head down.

That is the greatest of their psy-ops, convincing us we are something we aren’t.

And yet, who is man’s best friend? Who did we bond more strongly with than any other species on the planet? The one that shares our social structure. Dogs aren’t our slaves, they are our partners.

Without dogs there is no Klaus Schwab. There is no Germany or Great Migration into North America.

This article from Zerohedge about modern cities in the US becoming “Food Deserts” resurrected this idea because no one is willing to keep a business open in a place where looting is encouraged.

The world Davos made reversed the impetus for cities. Now people living in cities have to travel to the ‘burbs among the urban sprawl to forage for food that used to be delivered to them. Now the cost of the last mile of food delivery is higher than traveling to the food.

It reminded me of conversations I had with a friend over Christmas, one who disagreed with my wolf metaphor. He and his family were here on vacation from California. And he kept repeating the line, “I live in a place where there are tons of people and no food,” and his goal was to get to a place were there was more food than people.

But he hasn’t made the switch because he is, for the first time in a long time, comfortable. Who am I to begrudge him that? Who am I to quietly judge him a sheep?

He and his family are doing the cost/benefit analysis of uprooting his life for what still feels like, to him, a low probability event and making the rational choice. It’s completely fair.

Last year’s Davos saw brief moments of opposition to Schwab’s lunacy and nihilism. This year multiple people are walking into the hallow halls of globalism and letting them have it with both barrels. In the past it used to just be Putin. Now it’s a think tank from K Street in DC and the leader of Argentina.

Texas is now arresting illegals coming across the border, defying Joah Bii-Den! and forcing a confrontation over the definition of sovereignty.

From the beginning of this Great Reset agenda, when they started rolling out the slogans and the advertising for it, I said they were courting chaos to create fear. They used the fear over COVID-19 to cow the beta wolves for another few years.

But chaos, by its very nature, isn’t controllable. And Schwab’s “system” is control personified.

So, now, after continually amping up the chaos, they are getting what you would expect from wolves, not sheep… a search for the exit by some to start new packs, open challenges to the pack order by some of the lieutenants, like Viktor Orban in Hungary, and intractability from those whose fear centers are on overload.

This is why “sheeple” pisses me off more than the WEF does. Because it betrays the snake in our emotional garden. It is born from the same impulse that rules Schwab, entitlement. And it creates the same dynamic that leads to the same conclusion.

In response to those triggered by me having the temerity to have a little faith in people by calling them “Comfortable Wolves” here’s my sermon from my Digital Mount for today:

The whole “People are sheep” idea is itself a psy-op to keep leaders from emerging from the dissident class (both left and right).

If you believe the task is too big, will you do it? Will you do the cost/benefit analysis and say, “Fuck it, who wants pie?”

Divide and conquer takes many forms. This idea is one of them.

Bleeding off the energy of those who see the corruption earliest extends the lifespan of the tyrannical system. The very personality types who should emerge as leaders against the psychotic Alphas are the ones handed a platform like Twitter to vent their nihilism and hatred of humanity.

It’s not just the shitlibs who are gaslit NPCs folks.

So, stop being gaslit by morons, stop tuning out, chuckling in ‘collapsitarian,’ and work a little harder. There are people out there who aren’t leaders, but also aren’t doormats either. They are, like you, without hope.

They are looking for someone to provide the direction, the activation energy, to see some hope. Calling them sheep is to say they are irredeemable.

We’ve all been abused by these psychotic Alphas. Having empathy, not derision, for that abuse is the first step towards making things better. But, if this makes me naive or a hopeless romantic in your eyes, I would tell you maybe that mirror you’re holding up to me should be turned around.

Ask yourself where this impulse to degrade potential allies really comes from. Because that whole idea of people loving their misery because it’s comfortable takes many, many forms.

All of them are toxic. All of them.

So, yes, I’m not just standing up for my idea of people being ‘Comfortable wolves,” I’m doubling down. This is your call to action. Embrace it or remain in the service of those you profess to hate.HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/TFL1728/STATUS/1701566783344304280

This article was first published in Gold Guns N’ Goats