Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is establishing a grand jury through the state’s supreme court to investigate malfeasance involving the rollout of the covid mRNA vaccines

The investigations will include the claims of vaccine safety by pharmaceutical companies and the CDC, along with the rising number of deadly reactions to the jab including Myocarditis.  The announcement was made in a virtual town hall-style meeting and was met with a positive response.

DeSantis notes the moral bankruptcy of the scientific establishment in the US during the pandemic lockdowns – With the federal government and many scientists admonishing the public for going outside their homes (even though UV light from the sun is a natural sterilizer), while at the same time supporting the BLM protests in which thousands of people congregated on city streets to riot. 

Stopping the spread was not important in the case of BLM, but deadly important when it came to people walking on the beach or protesting the lockdowns.

DeSantis has proven to be a consistent opponent of the lockdowns and mandates, despite Florida’s large population.  This policy helped to provide proof that the lockdowns were pointless.  If Florida (along with other defiant red states) could stay open without any noticeable jump in fatalities compared to blue states, then what was the point of the lockdowns and restrictions?  

A trend is growing among the American public which runs contrary to the mainstream covid narrative.  People are beginning to question the validity of government policies, the claims of snake oil salesmen like Anthony Fauci and the rules enforced by the CDC.  

Most importantly, they are beginning to apply skepticism to the mRNA vaccines, which is something that should have been done before they were ever distributed.  At the very least, the pendulum seems to be swinging back after nearly three years of attempted medical authoritarianism.     

This article was first published in ZeroHedge