In 1998, El Nino caused a warm weather spike. In 2015-6 another El Nino created another warm spike. That’s what weather does – it fluctuates.

Long-term climate trends are more significant.

We live in the autumn of the warm Holocene period within the Pleistocene Ice Age – an era of lethal ice separated by brief, warm, carbon-rich, life-supporting interludes. The long-term peak occurred 7,000 years ago – glacial winter lies ahead.

Greenland Ice Core Reconstruction of Earth Climate for the past 10,000 years.
The heat from the sun on N Hemisphere land masses (red line) is the driver.

Source: “The Inconvenient Skeptic” 2011 by John Kehr, Illustration 66, p115

Promoting destructive energy policies designed to prevent warming (and starve the plant world), just as the next climate winter approaches, is suicidal behaviour.