June 15th has been declared by wind energy rent-takers as “Global Wind Day”. This is just another orchestrated media event designed to distract taxpayers, electricity consumers and wind turbine victims from the follies of wind energy.

The only people celebrating will be turbine owners getting subsidies, propped-up prices and guaranteed markets; lucky landowners getting rich on compensation; and green zealots promoting a UN Agenda.

But neighbours of turbines driven mad by the noise of the thumping blades are not celebrating; neither are the birds and bats being sliced by the spinning sickles; nor nearby property owners who see their property values slashed; nor true environmentalists concerned to see the destruction and uglification of their landscapes and hilltops with a spider-web of turbines, transmission lines and access roads; nor electricity consumers facing expensive and increasingly unreliable power supplies.

Future generations will look back in wonder at a whole generation of westerners whose mis-directed religious zeal wasted billions of dollars to create industrial and environmental destruction, while insisting without evidence that it would create a cooler climate.

Those who sow the wind will reap the whirl-wind.