The COP-Out politicians ruining Australia and its industries have promised impossible net-zero emissions targets (by some date well after they have left office).

So why spend millions of tax-payer dollars on advertising for more tourists or vying for more games and circuses. Rich tourists are heavy-emitters.

While COVID barriers hamper Australians wanting to tour our own country, foreigners are offered red-carpet “quarantine-free” travel. At the same time politicians continue to make it difficult for foreign backpacker/workers.

These foreign sightseers will also guzzle up our largely imported fuel stocks. Australia is not extracting, refining or storing enough hydro-carbon fuels to survive even a small hiccup to our fuel import chain.

Moreover, our cattle and sheep are censured because of their emissions, but these idolised tourists will burn mega-tonnes of hydro-carbon fuels powering planes, taxis, cars, buses, trains, lifts, air conditioners and electrical appliances.

And, like our cattle and sheep, every tourist exhales, farts and burps.