In 2012 Malcolm Turnbull snitched $440 million from taxpayers to “save the Great Barrier Reef”.

In 2022 Scott Morrison promised to pour another billion into the Barrier Reef Black Hole.

Then last week Anthony Albanese promised another $220 million “to save the reef from yellow-crazy ants”.

A million here, a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money.

Clearly The Great Barrier Reef has a bottomless black hole that demands regular sacrifice of tax payers.

Or maybe the Crown of Thorns Starfish is now on a diet of dollars?

Corals have survived for millions of years. They laughed off ice ages and warm eras, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and dramatic changes in sea levels.

They will outlast this green invasion with its deluge of dollars.

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Viv Forbes is a geologist/pastoralist who has walked along or been flooded by many rivers of Qld and NT. He and his wife have fed starving stock in the droughts and carted water for them. They have built, deepened or repaired at least 23 farm and station dams and managed construction and operation of mine dams. When Viv was employed by the Queensland State Government as a field mapping geologist they inspected the Nathan Gorge Dam site in 1964, 60 years ago. This dam was first proposed in 1922. It is still undeveloped over 100 years later.