Billions of dollars have been wasted in the war on carbon in the vain hope of reducing natural global warming. This has disrupted the electricity market, caused numerous business closures and created a costly and oppressive climate bureaucracy.

However, Earth’s climate history shows that it is cold, not warmth, that destroys life. Ice ages have caused massive extinctions and converted verdant life-filled landscapes into barren, frozen, hungry wastelands. Life flourishes in Earth’s warm moist places, but struggles to exist in the icy deserts.

People who live close to nature, such as farmers and village dwellers, always celebrate the coming of spring – the first robins, the cherry blossoms and the new calves. Today, people flock towards the equator as winter comes, and a lack of food forces migrating animals to leave the tundras.

Life can adapt to a bit more warmth but ice is a killer.

This fortunate generation lives in a warm inter-glacial era. When the cycles change, and the ice returns, we will yearn for some global warming and curse those fools who destroyed our capacity to extract and use our abundant carbon fuels to produce food and warmth for our people.