It is a still winter night in Green-topia.

Wind turbines are idle; solar panels are in darkness; some are covered with snow.

In the rich green suburbs, electric cars are getting re-charged. Lights, heaters and TV are on, and coffee is percolating.

Where is the electricity coming from?

Maybe big batteries? No – they got drained last night re-charging the electric cars.

All power tonight is coming from the old reliables – coal, gas, hydro or nuclear.

What if it’s cloudy and windless tomorrow and the reliables have a hiccup?

Watch Europe as its hungry, powerless winter unfolds.

Their peril is our warning.

Words for Thought:

Germans are not laughing now – they fear the coming winter:

Listen here to Australia’s new Prime Minister during the election campaign explaining how roof-top solar will charge all those Tesla batteries overnight:

Check below to see where electricity is actually coming from each day in Queensland (“the Sunshine State”):
OpenNEM: Queensland