Australia’s ALP/Green government and their media mates are using subsidies,
taxes and propaganda in a suicidal attempt to move the whole country to 82%
“renewable” energy by 2030 and “Net Zero Emissions by 2050”. Canny Aussies
are buying diesel generators.

If they persist in their rush to Net Zero, we have a few “Net Zero”
suggestions for them.

1.    “Net Zero Immigration”.
Every migrant adds to Australia’s emissions by consuming food, electricity,
transport fuels and housing. Thus, to reach net zero emissions, the rest of
us must be rationed further to cope with these additional emitters.

2.    “Net Zero Tourists”.
Every tourist adds to our emissions for transport, food, electricity and
accommodation. To achieve net zero emissions in the face of millions of
immigrants, tourists and foreign students will need slick carbon accounting,
or penury for the rest of us. Victoria’s Dan Andrews was accidentally right
for once – he cancelled the Commonwealth Games.

3.    “Net-zero growth of welfare rolls and the bureaucracy”.
Net Zero will not allow us to import hundreds of foreign workers for our
mines, factories and farms while we maintain battalions of bureaucrats
shuffling files in air-conditioned ivory towers in the capital cities. Nor
can we accept growing armies of able-bodied idlers sipping green smoothies
at the beach.

We must get all healthy Aussies into real jobs.

4.    “Net-zero-growth in locked-up land”.
Wind and solar energy are sterilising huge and growing areas of land to
produce their intermittent electricity. This greatly reduces the land
available to grazing, forestry, fishing, exploration and mining.

It’s time to call a halt.

There must be net-zero increase in land devoted to national parks, marine
parks, world heritage playgrounds, locked-up black homelands or carbon
credit and green energy wastelands.

5.     “Net zero lies about electric vehicles”.
They have a fanciful plan to replace our petrol and diesel cars, trucks,
dozers and tractors with fleets of yet-to-be-built battery or hydrogen
powered vehicles. Where are the fast-refuelling stations for them all? And
who has counted the extra emissions to mine and refine the metals for
batteries, electric motors, turbines and power lines? And where will we get
the extra electricity for overnight re-charging of battery-powered vehicles
as coal generators close, the sun sets and the wind drops? (They have
discovered the answer in ever-green California – electric powered trucks are
being recharged with diesel generators.)

6.    “No Subsidies for Hydrogen”.
In this unplanned rush to all-green energy some extol the coming of hydrogen
powered vehicles. To produce green hydrogen requires large amounts of
electricity plus nine tonnes of water for every tonne of hydrogen produced
by electrolysis. Some even think that it makes sense to use large amounts of
electricity to desalinate sea water to make green hydrogen. Such a process
is not even “net zero”. It is hugely energy negative. Obviously the main
goal is to harvest green subsidies or votes.

7.    “No Subsidies for “Pumped Hydro”.
Greens think taxpayers should fund giant dams and turbines to generate
electricity when green energy is on strike – at night, on cloudy days and
during wind droughts.

Does that mean that Greens believe we can steal water from every river
system for green energy stabilisation while reducing the water stored for
towns, farms, and orchards?

Let’s have the first dam on the Franklyn River in Tasmania (they want to be
“the battery of the nation”).

8.    “Full Accounting of all Emissions”.
Who is counting all the emissions being generated to manufacture, transport
and erect an ugly intrusive spider-web of roads and power lines to collect
intermittent solar and wind energy from mountains, flats, seas and
roof-tops? Where is the carbon and dollar accounting for the metals,
concrete and hydrocarbon fuels that are needed?

We must also count the emissions to manufacture and erect all their planned
green energy stabilisation schemes involving pumped hydro and giant
batteries. All of this is a dash into the unknown without a coherent plan of
how it will all work, or its full cost.

9.    ‘We need a Climate-Exit Referendum”.
We are locked into never-ending climate conferences and all the costs and
eco-babel generated by Paris Climate Agreement.

They want us locked into 15 minute cities with bicycles, walking shoes,
oat-milk coffee and fake meat burgers while they jet off to a new well-fed
tourist destination every year. We have copped these annual climate-fests
for 26 years now. The last one catered for about 40,000 delegates and
hangers-on for 2 weeks of talk-fest that achieved NOTHING useful (as usual).
Even Saint Greta Thunberg said that COP27 was a scam.

Let’s have a Clexit (Climate Exit) Referendum and abandon all liabilities
under the Kyoto and Paris Climate Agreements.

10. “The Net Zero Prize”.
Our reward for reaching our 2030 Net Zero Emissions targets will be a
precarious population with industry operating on the whims of the weather
and an angry, urbanised, locked-down population faced with food, fuel and
electricity rationing.

There is no global warming crisis, but Blackouts Bowen (Australia’s Minister
for Climate Panics and Zero Energy) is determined to create an electricity
crisis. Power grid failure will be followed quickly by failure of food and
water supplies to cities. Hopefully Canberra, (Australia’s Green Capital)
will be the first to suffer.

The rest of Australia must vote NO to this dangerous Net Zero delusion.

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Viv Forbes is a geologist/pastoralist who has walked along or been flooded by many rivers of Qld and NT. He and his wife have fed starving stock in the droughts and carted water for them. They have built, deepened or repaired at least 23 farm and station dams and managed construction and operation of mine dams. When Viv was employed by the Queensland State Government as a field mapping geologist they inspected the Nathan Gorge Dam site in 1964, 60 years ago. This dam was first proposed in 1922. It is still undeveloped over 100 years later.