There are ivory-tower activists armed with computers who champion a “zero emissions world” where man’s activities release zero carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

 Victoria Aims for Zero Emissions:

 These evangelists (posing as energy engineers) want to force us back to the Middle Ages where low-density green energy ruled – wood fires, whale oil lamps, charcoal forges, human treadmills, horse/mule/bullock power, weather-dependent wind mills and sailing boats, rain-dependent water wheels, intermittent energy from the sun, and rare geothermal heat.

They oppose the main thing that sets us apart from all other species – the creation of continuous concentrated energy from modern fuels such as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power, and its easy transmission to every consumer via tankers, power lines and pipelines.

They have yet to explain how our massive mobile fleets of planes, tractors, harvesters, road trains, buses, trucks, dozers, graders, bob-cats, shovels, cruise liners, container-ships, tankers, battleships and submarines will be powered and lubricated by muscle power, wind power, sun power, water power, or the energy from burning wood or ethanol whiskey.

The future for refining, processing and manufacturing is easy – they will relocate overseas.

 Still want zero emissions of carbon dioxide?

 Please hold your breath.

Cartoons by Steve Hunter.  Reproduction allowed with attribution.