The Supreme Court just stuck a dagger in America. They made five great rulings. They enraged Democrats from coast to Coast. Overturning Roe vs Wade was the first blow. They supported guns. They supported prayer. They supported Voter ID. They stopped EPA climate change overreach. Fantastic. Republicans rejoiced.

But sadly, they fooled us. The Supremes saved the worst for last. In their final decision, they reversed President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. That one decision just overwhelmed all the good they did.

That last decision was the one that mattered.

Because the Supremes just opened the door to the end of America. They just opened the borders. Tens of millions will now come. Why not? There’s now nothing to stop them. They just won the lottery.

What good is saving the babies, if you’re going to destroy the country they’re born into? What good is saving babies, if you just stole their future? What good is saving babies, if you’re going to let millions of criminals, terrorists, pedophiles, child sex traffickers and tons of fentanyl into the USA?

What good is saving babies, if you’re going to paralyze the public school system and healthcare system of America with tens of millions of new foreign invaders with their hands out and mouths open?

With negative GDP we’re almost certainly already in recession, combined with a baby formula shortage and coming soon- a terrible food shortage. And at this moment the Supremes and Biden open the floodgates to everyone in the world?

Congratulations to the Supreme Court, you saved a few babies (only in red states, by the way), but you killed our country.

There is only one answer now. One small window. One final possibility to still save America…

Donald J. Trump.

We need Trump now more than ever. Only Trump has the cajones to stop this madness, this self-destruction, this national suicide. Trump is the only one who can bring us back from the abyss.

Trump is the one that Democrats, the media, the deep state and the DC Swamp fear. How do I know? Look at the news headlines. Trump is all they talk about. They are obsessed with stopping him, slandering him, destroying him, indicting him. Even Howard Stern has gotten in on the act. The famous shock jock and comedian (who is no longer funny) claims to be running for president against Trump. Now that’s the first funny thing he’s said in years! Poor Howard has a bad case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The media is even resorting to running stories 24/7 praising Florida Governor DeSantis as the GOP choice for 2024.

Why? Because they all want ANYONE but Trump.

They know he’s the only one that can beat them. They know Trump has already taken all the arrows- and he’s still standing. And they know he’s the only one who isn’t scared of them. In his next term, they know Trump knows how to play the DC game to win (after four years in the White House). If given another term, Trump will destroy the Deep State and Democrat Party for good.

By the way, if Trump was really as unpopular and flawed and hated as they claim, Democrats would be thrilled he’s running again. They’d be begging him to run. That’s how you know they’re lying. That’s how you know they’re scared of him.

But, we need Trump now. We can’t wait until 2024. I’m not sure America will survive until 2024. That’s why I created the “out of the box” idea of Trump becoming House Speaker after
the GOP wins the midterms. That’s why I’ve asked Trump about it in numerous interviews on my national radio show.

Here’s what my idea does for Trump…

*If Trump is House Speaker, he is in the headlines 24/7 and dominating every news cycle leading into 2024. That guarantees him the GOP nomination over DeSantis.

*If Trump is House Speaker he is leading the charge to impeach both Biden and Kamala. It won’t happen without Trump leading the charge. “Milquetoast McCarthy” doesn’t have the cajones to do the job. Trump is the only one that can get it done.

*At the moment, Trump is powerless to save America. My idea gives him “juice.” He is back in charge. He is a man of action. That’s the image he needs to win the presidency in 2024.

*I’ve done the research. Although a long shot, it is possible if he could simultaneously impeach both Biden and Kamala on the grounds of either treason or bribery, the House Speaker is next in line for the presidency. We could conceivably see President Trump back in office well before 2024.

At this point, I’ll take longshots. I’ll take a glimmer of hope.
Anything is better than just waiting for 2024.

We need Trump back, now more than ever. But first as House Speaker, then as President of the United States.

This article first appeared in thegatewaypundit