When the virus broke, It looked bad.  We’d been told another pandemic would happen at some stage, just like it had happened in the past.

Thank frigg we have moat around this wide brown land – but someone didn’t shut the door fast enough and someone else made a stupid mistake letting people off a boat – and it was amongst us.

So, we locked down – I was considered essential although in all honesty that could be questioned – so I didn’t miss a day of work while others were laid off or lost their businesses.

2020 sailed by with news reports of devastation overseas but my bubble remained untouched. 

A bloke with a distinctly orange complexion made some strange claims about possible cures that sounded a bit weird early in 2020. 

I knew a bit about the drug he promoted – I had malaria once – but why was he talking about using Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an anti viral when it was an established anti malaria drug?? 

There were new anti viral drugs – I knew how they worked.   Maybe he was trying to give people hope in the face of some pretty dark times, I thought?

Then the media slammed him about these claims. They loved to hate Trump but they were decrying Hydroxychloroquine as dangerous and claiming it caused all manner of terrible side effects.

They even claimed it was killing people which was rubbish. 

Hydroxychloroquine is on the WHO list of essential medicines and they hand it out like jelly beans in malaria endemic areas as a preventative and a treatment. 

It has a 70 year clinical history and has saved millions of people, so why the fear campaign about this drug??? 

I knew something was not right but still had no idea how HCQ could work to treat a viral infection or why you would use it in this scenario. 

Then there was a paper in a prestigious medical journal The Lancet that showed poor clinical outcomes for those given HCQ for Covid. Crikey! – you were more likely to die if you took it than not.

Orange man was wrong.  Being a Trump supporter at my place of work was dangerous enough after his 2016 win and I had kept silent while the majority of those around me had mental breakdowns at the time – so I was quietly disappointed in him about HCQ and kept to myself.

And hoped that they would find a vaccine ………..

But there was this incessant nagging gut feeling that something just wasn’t right – and so I started to look – I mean really look. 

The mask rules didn’t make sense.

Then, the Lancet article was retracted 5 months later and that was a BIG deal. It was a major embarrassment for the authors and it turns out it was a completely shonky study. 

Then there was good anecdotal evidence that hydroxychloroquine was effective and used with astounding success by some front line doctors.

Unfortunately, I came across this information only on blog sites that were less than solid scientific sources of information. As a scientist, I remained intrigued, but sceptical.

Then, all of a sudden there was a vaccine out of nowhere. This was supposed to be new mRNA technology. It was championed by Trump and developed at Warp Speed. 

I studied some of this at Uni years ago – and there are some things you just can’t rush……so I picked up my old immunology textbook to confirm my memory wasn’t completely cooked and then went surfing the online scientific literature looking for how HCQ might work……

And this is where I have to thank Harry for running the Richardson Post – and to the contributors that posted a few breadcrumbs for me to pick up.

I also want to apologise to people who I have quietly dismissed as conspiracy nut jobs after nodding politely at their ramblings, or argued without really listening or understanding what they were saying.

Everyone has their own door they go through.  Mine had Hydroxychloroquine written on it. 

It was something I knew a bit about from my studies years ago and I knew there were lies being told in the media about it. 

So, I opened that door to have a good look at what was going on behind it……  Since that time, I have swallowed a couple of handfuls of Red Pills and have been down the rabbit hole so long my wife calls me Warren. 

Luckily, she came to the conclusion something was wrong independently but she still hasn’t caught up to the farthest reaches of where I have been – and some stuff I have not been able to tell her. 

My kids think I’m nuts – but they trust me enough to know something is seriously wrong and are not falling for the peer pressure to take the vax.

They have suffered for their stand but I have tried to prepare them for what is coming.

This is my journey – everyone’s is different.  The important thing to remember is that we are literally all in this together.  WWG1WGA. 

As people wake up they are going to be shocked, traumatised and grief stricken when they understand what has happened.

Many will have to face the fact their lives and the lives of their loved ones will be cut short. 

They are not bad people.  The vast majority of humanity are honest decent people minding their own business and too busy making ends meet to spend any time down a rabbit hole.

The fact they wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone is the reason they themselves can’t see the size of this crime.  

Please try and resist the temptation to rub their noses in it or boast about how long you knew before they did.  

I understand your frustration but we have to help them and we have to keep waking people up. 

It’s not their fault they are too trusting. They – and I – had been deceived.

The deceivers are still out there working hard – so be patient and persistent.

If someone isn’t receptive now then plant a seed and leave them be – don’t abuse them because you will turn people the wrong way. 

A trail of breadcrumbs is better than a lecture.  I now listen far more to many different sources than I once did and don’t dismiss anything out of hand. 

Not everything I hear or read is right – or wrong.

I was lucky enough to be woken in time to avoid the jab.  As I have said some of that was due to Harry’s selfless dedication and some is due to those genuine souls who have posted on the Richardson Post and other sites.

People cannot see what is going on because of the sheer magnitude of the lies and deception and the extent of the conditioning we have all been exposed to.

The media, the Government, Universities, doctors, police, lawyers, judges and big business are all in on it.

I think it was Goebels who said “tell a lie, make it a real big lie, and keep repeating it – and people will believe it”

When I look back on my life, I realise that every experience I had was there for a reason.  There are just too many coincidences.

If I had not studied Science, I would not have gone through the door with HCQ on it – and I may very well still be asleep. 

There are too many other life events and coincidences I won’t go into.  

When I put the puzzle pieces together, I thought I was losing my mind. The scientific evidence that I found and the picture that was forming of lies and deception by Government and trusted institutions just cannot be right, I told myself – I must be crazy.

I know now I’m not – and I’ve never been surer about anything in my life.

I have also come to an inescapable conclusion in the face of this unimaginable evil – that by its sheer existence it proves there must be something that opposes it. 

God woke me up for a reason. It will be different for everyone I guess and it’s a very individual thing. You don’t need a middle man to connect.

I feel more spiritual and closer to God when I’m alone in the bush or on top of a mountain than anywhere else – but It’s your decision – you know – free will and all that.

Jesus talked of his flock – and we look about at the sheeple that surround us now.   When you are surrounded by sheep – be a shepherd.